Best Buy Review – Please don’t ever go there

Did you know Best Buy only has a 15-day return policy. Did you also know they won’t even budge on it? Aside from their high prices and ignorant staff, this is some of the worst customer service I’ve ever seen.

I plan to never set foot in a Best Buy again in my life. I implore you to do the same.


Solution – ceiling fan with remote randomly changes speeds / randomly turns on without warning (Hunter Ceiling Fan)

This isn’t really a computer issue, but it was something that was really annoying until I found the simple solution.

Our Hunter ceiling fan has a remote, and we found that it would randomly turn itself on, or change speeds in the middle of the night without warning or for no reason. We replaced batteries in the remote but that didn’t fix it. I did a quick Google search and a bunch of other people had similar problems. My favorite solution someone posted online: “Maybe your ghost is hot.”

Anyways, I discovered that there is a dip switch on the receiver and remote that sets different frequencies. If you are having this issue, it is likely that something else around you (a neighbor’s garage door opener, or some other device) is interfering. I saw a lot of reports that these ceiling fan remotes work from incredibly far distances.

So, the solution is to change the dip switch. Here are a couple links to Hunter manuals that discuss this:

Owner’s Manual
Informational PDF