Gmail IMAP Outlook error “Cannot move the items. The server responded: ‘No Folder Inbox/Sub (Failure)’.”

An interesting feature of using Gmail with Outlook is the ability to create nested folders as sub-folders of the Inbox (see this post for more).

One problem, however, is if the Inbox portion of the label isn’t formatted correctly, you will see this error:

“Cannot move the items. The server responded: ‘No Folder Inbox/Sub (Failure)’.”

The solution for this is quite simple, actually. The portion of the label called Inbox must be in ALL CAPS.

So, for the above, simply re-name it to INBOX/Sub (from Inbox/Sub)

Basically, Outlook is looking for an ALL CAPS folder name for Inbox.


Using Gmail IMAP with Outlook: labels as sub-folders of Inbox (Make sub-folders work in Outlook)

I started using a new Gmail account with Outlook 2007. One of the things I wanted to do was create multiple nested sub-folders in Outlook. By default, Gmail just uses labels which will only give you one layer of folders in Outlook. I also wanted them to be sub-folders of the Inbox.

The trick is fairly simple, actually…in Gmail, just create labels using the forward Slash /

For example, let’s say you want a folder set-up like this in Outlook:

ACME Consulting

In GMail, simply set-up a new label that looks like this:


That’s all there is to it!

Important point: You need to use ALL CAPS for the INBOX portion of the label. Otherwise, it will not work correctly.