FIX: Windows 8 screen flicker / horizontal lines dell latitude e6410 nvidia NVS 3100M (especially out of standby)

I recently upgraded my Dell Latitude E6410 to Windows 8 pro. I noticed this strange issue with the following symptoms:

– There would be this really awful screen flicker / gray horizontal lines across the entire laptop LCD screen. They were straight lines, but would sort of move around, and also the screen flicker would be worse around the edges.
– It looked the worst after coming out of Standby, or if the screen was off for a while (but not booting up for the first time strangely).
– Sometimes it would go away after 15-20 minutes.
– I have an external monitor, and the external monitor did NOT exhibit the same behavior.

Doing some searches online, I tried these solutions that did NOT work:

– Replace the LCD: This was a recommended solution on many forums, so I had Dell replace the LCD. It didn’t fix it.
– Upgrade to the latest Windows 8 driver from NVidia’s website. This did not work.
– Try the latest driver from and Windows Update. This did not work.
– Turn off the Ambient Light Sensor in the BIOS.

So, this is what finally did work: 

I downloaded the A08 version of the NVIDIA NVS 3100M drivers from Dell’s website, as I saw recommended here (thank you wang11ss for posting the solution!). This fixed it for me!

You can find the A08 drivers here. (This link does a search for nvidia nvs 3100m, you then need to find the appropriate drivers for your computer). I would recommend you get the Win7/Vista 64-bit or 32-bit Graphics Driver (the ones posted 11/10/2012), either file number R287175.exe or R287174.

Here are direct links, I don’t know if these will continue to work:

Win 7/Vista 32-bit (can be used for Windows 8, in my experience)
Win 7/Vista 64-bit (can be used for Windows 8, in my experience)

In order to get this to work correctly, my suggestion would be to UNINSTALL any previous NVIDIA drivers from Add/Remove Programs before installing using this driver. 

Let me know if this works for you!