I’ve done IT technical support for 15 years, and have worked with a wide array of Windows software and PC hardware. My solutions will cover anything from Windows clients (XP, Vista), Windows Server, and even 3rd party software apps.


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  1. Re: Apple Mobile Device service missing
    Thank you !! Finally after hours of research and attempts to install AMD from Apple and Microsoft self help, your solution worked like a charm. I should note that first i uninstalled Itunes, then used CCleaner and deleted all Apple products. Then rebooted and installed Itunes (where it refused to install AMD), then used your manual method to install AMD. abochsner

  2. Re: Apple Mobile Device service missing
    Have you updated this for version 10.7? I am running Windows 7 home premium. iTunes 10.5 was working, but 10.7 will not update the Apple Mobile Device Service. Installer says cannot start the service and it rolls back. I tried your solution for 10.5 and I still get a message “iTune requires a newer version of Apple Mobile Service Device”. Any suggestions of where to go from here? Thank you so much!!!

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