iPhone – trying to connect Facebook to Instagram – Facebook Login Failed

I had repeated problems connecting Facebook to Instagram on my iPhone 5. I would click “OK” when it asks for permission, then it says: “Facebook Login Failed. Make sure you’ve allowed Instagram to use Facebook in iOS Settings -> Privacy -> Facebook.” The frustrating thing is, I DID already have it set to “Yes” in iOS settings, it still failed. 

Anyways, I found the solution on this forum post: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4648799?start=0&tstart=0

The short version of what to do is here:

1. Log in to Facebook on your computer
2. Search for Instagram (type “Instagram” into search)
3. Click the “App” Instagram (not the page)
4. You should see an option “Send to mobile”

On your iPhone you should now get a notification, and it should work!

Thanks to shookim for posting this solution on the Apple forum.


81 thoughts on “iPhone – trying to connect Facebook to Instagram – Facebook Login Failed

  1. It doesn’t work for me still – it thinks that I have the permission turned off on my settings 😦

  2. I’m having the same problem PHROCKER is having. I followed ALL the steps and it is still giving me the same error message. Ughhhh! Helpppp!

  3. Hey! Thank you – this made it connect to everything. Problem is, although it says it’s connected everywhere, instagram is still not sharing on twitter or facebook. What is wrong with these apps???? Why cant they get their shit together instead of making us update to crappy timeline??

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! Been trying to figure this out forever! I accidentally hit “no” when setting up my phone and couldn’t figure out a way to get it to share even after hitting “On” in Facebook settings and Privacy settings. I thank you entirely! 🙂

  5. Alright, found my solution: Ire-installed FB app, logged into account, resent ‘Send to Mobile’ from desktop, iOS settings > privacy > photo > switch instagram: on, PROFIT!

  6. For those who can’t find it, click on App Center, on the left hand side of the webpage. Then search for Instagram and then you’ll see the option to send to mobile. Hope that helps!

  7. go to your ios settings and go to FB…make sure that your acct is logged in…coz i had the same problem and follow all the steps that has been given above..didn’t check the IOS SETTINGS FB..i have like 3 accts logged in..so i deleted them all and put my acct..and wooolah…it worked!…but follow the sent to mobile thingi app on facebook…

  8. I tried to follow what Shannon (post 23) said and now i can’t find “photo” after going to privacy…this is driving me nuts! any guidance? i guess I’m just so frustrated that i can’t see the dumb setting lol

  9. I’ve found an easier solution,

    Click settings on your ios device
    Go down to Facebook
    Click your username
    Click delete account
    Close Facebook and Instagram app.

    Then open Instagram and bobs your uncle!!

  10. i did it as you told but its still doesnt work. I tried many times and an error occured every single try. plz say something to help me 😦

  11. 1. Log in to Facebook on YOUR computer
    2. Search for Instagram (type “instagram” into search) and hit return.
    3. Click the “App” Instagram (NOT the PAGE)
    4. You should see an option “Send to Mobile”

    I hope it will work.

  12. FYI it is broken as of last night and today. Every time I try this it says “error try again later” in red on Facebook. I believe this is the answer to the problem, but someone at Facebook dropped the ball and this error isn’t getting fixed, at least in the past two days.

  13. FOR ALL THOSE THAT NOTHING HAS WORKED FOR!! I figured it out. What you need to do is uninstall instagram. Install it again. When you open the app, tap on register. Then click use Facebook info. Allow Facebook to use instagram. Then hit the “back” button and hit “sign in” with your instagram username. This should work since I had all of the same problems! Hope this helps!!

  14. Yeah I’m pretty sure they are having some kind of problem. I have checked everything that should be and even uninstalled and reinstalled both apps. Also tried the send to phone thing from my desktop and it has the error message. I’m going to give them a few days to resolve it and try again. Hopefully someone notices the problem and fixes it.

  15. For those of you who it still doesn’t work for, try this: uninstall instagram. Install it again. When you open the app, tap on register. Then click use Facebook info. Allow Facebook to use instagram. Then go back and sign in with your instagram username. This should work since I had the same problem! Hope this helps!!
    Love from one new – and happy instagram user! @linnigram
    Follow me, and I’ll follow you! 😀

  16. I am getting an error on FB to try again later. Looks like the last person was getting it 5 days ago… So that’s promising…

  17. After trying out that “SEND TO MOBILE” option which kept giving me persistent ERROR results, MR. CARLO SALGADA (a commenter at wonderhowto.com) finally did it for me!


    1. Settings > Facebook > Click Currently Logged In Account > DELETE ACCOUNT

    2. Go to Instagram App > Click Cog Icon Upper Right > scroll down to PREFERENCES > Click SHARE SETTINGS > Click Facebook and VOILA! IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY REDIRECT YOU TO A PAGE THAT WILL REQUIRE YOU TO LOG-IN ON YOUR FACEBOOK (which eventually re-directs you back to Instagram that will show a highlighted Facebook Icon above Twitter; i.e., FB is already connected to your IG!)

    That’s it! Believe me, after all the frustrating attempts, searching high and low, THIS tip by a certain Carlo Salgada was the HOLY GRAIL to all this sh*t. Hallelujah!*

    3. REJOICE!


    Now I can Instagram back! Much thanks to Carlo! KristoffersonGuela y’all c”,)

  18. omg.. thank you so much for the info.. Carlo and Kristofferson Guela.. big help.. super thank u

  19. after trying many blogs and many option the problems have persisted but thanks to Carlo i could… now i can to publish my pics.. much thanks to Carlo and KristoffersonGuela .. merci merci beaucoup.. 🙂

  20. neillv6 Thank you so much. You rock!!!! I was having trouble with this for DAYS!!!! Now it works perfectly. Thank you again!!!

  21. Mike’s suggestions worked!!!

    REGISTER (even though you already have.)
    CONNECT (w/o creating another account. you are simply having the apps connect.)

    Worked after I spent way too long figuring this out.

  22. My insta account was connect with my facebook account , but unfortunatily by mistake i have unconnect my insta acc from my Facebook nd ab wo insta acc mera facebook se login nh ho rha , na hi mje apna yahoo id ka pswd yad ha , na hi insta id me num tha bcoz mene use facebook se connect kia hua tha , ab wo galti se unconnect hogya 😦 so now how can i get my insta acc back , i have tried many types but still its not login , so now tell me plz how can i connect insta acc again with my facebook .. ?

    Rply fast plzz ?

  23. smtg seriously went wrong starting today. whenever I click on FB to share pix on my Instagram, moovit shows up instead!!! what happened to my connection with FB???
    tried to reinstall both apps on my iPhone 6 – same problem. tried to disconnect my Instagram acc from FB to reconnect again from Instagram – still the same problem. basically moovit has completely replaced FB’s link in my Instagram and I don’t understand why?

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