FIX: Windows 8 screen flicker / horizontal lines dell latitude e6410 nvidia NVS 3100M (especially out of standby)

I recently upgraded my Dell Latitude E6410 to Windows 8 pro. I noticed this strange issue with the following symptoms:

– There would be this really awful screen flicker / gray horizontal lines across the entire laptop LCD screen. They were straight lines, but would sort of move around, and also the screen flicker would be worse around the edges.
– It looked the worst after coming out of Standby, or if the screen was off for a while (but not booting up for the first time strangely).
– Sometimes it would go away after 15-20 minutes.
– I have an external monitor, and the external monitor did NOT exhibit the same behavior.

Doing some searches online, I tried these solutions that did NOT work:

– Replace the LCD: This was a recommended solution on many forums, so I had Dell replace the LCD. It didn’t fix it.
– Upgrade to the latest Windows 8 driver from NVidia’s website. This did not work.
– Try the latest driver from and Windows Update. This did not work.
– Turn off the Ambient Light Sensor in the BIOS.

So, this is what finally did work: 

I downloaded the A08 version of the NVIDIA NVS 3100M drivers from Dell’s website, as I saw recommended here (thank you wang11ss for posting the solution!). This fixed it for me!

You can find the A08 drivers here. (This link does a search for nvidia nvs 3100m, you then need to find the appropriate drivers for your computer). I would recommend you get the Win7/Vista 64-bit or 32-bit Graphics Driver (the ones posted 11/10/2012), either file number R287175.exe or R287174.

Here are direct links, I don’t know if these will continue to work:

Win 7/Vista 32-bit (can be used for Windows 8, in my experience)
Win 7/Vista 64-bit (can be used for Windows 8, in my experience)

In order to get this to work correctly, my suggestion would be to UNINSTALL any previous NVIDIA drivers from Add/Remove Programs before installing using this driver. 

Let me know if this works for you!


10 thoughts on “FIX: Windows 8 screen flicker / horizontal lines dell latitude e6410 nvidia NVS 3100M (especially out of standby)

  1. i have the same problem on a studio 1555. when i try to install the driver tho it tell me that it will only install on 7 or vista, not 8. then it quits

  2. Thank you! I had this problem on my E6510 running Win8 and the 64-bit driver you linked to worked perfectly.

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  4. I just bought an E6410 and put Windows 8 on there, only to find that this issue had happened 😦

    Uninstalled the NVidia drivers, and now using the WDDM v1.2 drivers, and the problem doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

    Are there any other workarounds? Having old drivers sucks 😦

  5. Thank you for this. I am testing Win8 Enterprise on my 6410, and will be deploying it to 15 others soon. This fixed my problems. It also reduced the time my machine takes to return from standby or hibernate. I still get a black screen for longer than I used to with windows 7, but it is tolerable now.

  6. I have some good news guys! The flicker has mysteriously stopped on BIOS version A14 & A15 with Windows 8.1 Build 9471 and NVidia drivers 326.19! Rejoice!

  7. Yeah I have noticed this too! I think the latest NVidia driver finally resolved the issue. I’ll post an update soon.

  8. I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem in windows 7 forever and finally stumbled onto this blog post. Thanks this fixed it for me!

  9. i have the same problem and i tried the same as you said above, it did not worked can i have an other solution please,

    i run the test at startup the diagnoses test system has passed all the test and it says lcd is pass, now let me tell you what is the main issue,
    it is not flicking but there are thin lines on the screen, it happened sudden while i was working on it in ~Micorsoft excel 2010, suddenly the lines apper verticaly it was across the lenth on the monitor, i am using vga cabled moniter which is fine 100%. i did install many drivers but did not worked the bioses is latest A16.


    Yasir khan

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