SOLUTION: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 iTunes 12 (iTunes 8, 9, 10, 11) iPhone / iTouch / iPad “software is not installed” error (Apple Mobile Device service missing) 32bit/64bit

Updated 11/12/2016: Added files for iTunes 12.5.3, + Drivers, 64-bit. I no longer have access to a 32-bit computer. If you don’t have the latest version of iTunes, you can download it here.

***NOTICE*** It seems every new version of iTunes breaks this fix. If this fix has worked for you, then I recommend you stay on the iTunes version you have and don’t upgrade. You can see the Release Notes of each version of iTunes and see if there is a feature that you need. Typically I have found the upgrades aren’t all that needed (except major versions like 11 to 12, of course).


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After searching the net and lots of forums and trying lots of things, I thought I’d post the solution that actually worked for me. I owe a great deal of thanks to Chris123nt for this post (link removed, blog post no longer exists) for pointing me in the right direction.

First off, you will know if the solution below will work for you if you have the following set-up and symptoms:

  • Windows 7 (or Windows 8, Windows 10) and iTunes 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 (I tried all versions, and many commenters have indicated this issue still exists in iTunes 12)
  • An iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
  • You receive the following error when you plug in your iPhone: “This iPhone cannot be used because the required software is not installed. Run the iTunes installer to remove iTunes, then re-install iTunes.”
  • The Apple Mobile Device Service was not installed (to check this, click Start, Run, then type “services.msc” Look for “Apple Mobile Device”. If it doesn’t exist, keep reading. If it does, you have a different problem.)
  • You have tried installing and re-installing iTunes already and it didn’t work
  • According to other forums / posts, you might have tried extracting the Apple Mobile Device Software install files separately from the iTunes installer and installing manually that way, and it still didn’t work

The problem is, for some reason, iTunes won’t install the Apple Mobile Device software or service. Even if you extract out the AMDS installation files, it still fails. The SOLUTION is to take the software and service from a working machine for AMDS and manually install it. Then, it will work!

Luckily for you, I have provided the files you will need and installation instructions. This is a bit technical, but obviously worth it to get your iPhone,  iTouch or iPad working on Windows. These instructions are for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, 8 or 10 and the latest version of iTunes 12. Depending on whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, make sure you select the appropriate files and follow the right instructions, otherwise it won’t work.

If you don’t know whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, right-click on “Computer”, click Properties, then look under “System type”.

Good luck!

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  1. First of all, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed. You can download it from here. These instructions will NOT work for iTunes 8, 9, 10 or 11 anymore. If you’re unsure, just uninstall iTunes then re-install with the latest files.
  2. Next, you need to manually copy the Mobile Device Support directory from a working machine to your Windows 7 computer. Luckily, I have conveniently provided these files for you. You can download them here:
    64-Bit iTunes 12.5.3: Please click here to download this directory for 64-bit Windows.
    iTunes 11.1.5: Please click here to download this directory for 32-bit Windows.

  3. Once you download that file, you need to Unzip it to this directory. IMPORTANT: Make sure you unzip the CONTENTS of the zip file, don’t just copy over the zip file:
    32-Bit: Unzip to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple
    64-Bit: Unzip to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple
    There are a large number of files in that directory, so it may take a little time, please be patient.
    So, after unzipping, you should have a new folder “Mobile Device Support” in the Apple folder
  4. 64-BIT ONLY STEP: If you have 32-bit Windows, skip this step. It seems that Apple has put the “Drivers” in a separate location (don’t know why). You will need to download the drivers separately. Please click here to download the files for 64-bit Windows.
    Once downloaded, you need to Unzip it to this directory. IMPORTANT: Make sure you unzip the CONTENTS of the zip file, don’t just copy over the zip file:
    Unzip to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple
    So, after unzipping, you should have a new folder “Mobile Device Support” in the Apple folder
  5. Next, we have to merge the registry entries that will install the Apple Mobile Device service.
  6. First, download the registry entries that I have provided for you here:
    64-bit iTunes 12.5.3: Click here to download the registry entries for 64-bit Windows.
    iTunes 11.1.5: Click here to download the registry entries for 32-bit Windows.
    After you download the registry entries ZIP file, unzip it to your desktop and double-click each to install it. Say “Yes” to any prompts or confirmations about adding it to the registry. There are 2 entries, make sure you click BOTH and add BOTH to the registry.
  7. Now, we need to install the correct driver for your iPhone / iTouch. Windows 7 incorrectly identifies the device  as a digital camera. To fix this:
    – Plug in your iPhone / iTouch (don’t have iTunes loaded at this time)
    – Go to Device Manager (Click Start, right-click Computer,  then click Properties. In the window that appears choose “Device Manager” on the left)
    – Scroll down and find “Apple iPod” or “Apple iPhone” or “Apple iTouch”. It will likely be under the “Portable Devices” category.IMPORTANT NOTE: If your device is already listed under “Universal serial Bus Controllers” and not Portable Devices, you can skip these steps and go to Step 7.
    –  Right-click the Apple device and choose “Update Driver Software…”
    – Choose “Browse my computer for driver software” in the window that appears
    –  It will ask you for a location; you want to Browse to this folder (location is the same in 32 and 64 bit Windows):
    32-bit and 64-bit: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
    – Click Next
    – It should find the driver for your device; let it install that driver
  8. Once you complete these steps, reboot your computer. Once you reboot everything should work exactly as expected!

***NOTICE*** It seems every new version of iTunes breaks this fix. If this fix has worked for you, then I recommend you stay on the iTunes version you have and don’t upgrade. You can see the Release Notes of each version of iTunes and see if there is a feature that you need. Typically I have found the upgrades aren’t all that needed (except major versions like 10 to 11, of course).

Please write in the comments and let me know if this worked for you.

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764 thoughts on “SOLUTION: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 iTunes 12 (iTunes 8, 9, 10, 11) iPhone / iTouch / iPad “software is not installed” error (Apple Mobile Device service missing) 32bit/64bit

  1. Thank you so much man, I almost gave up on my ipod after a month of searching and tweaking and i could not figure it out! you just had me do it in 2 minutes. thankyou!

  2. You’re welcome all.

    If anyone has 64-bit Windows and has the Apple Mobile Device directory, please let me know. I would like to add those files to my post so it is more complete for all. Just post a comment in here.

  3. YES! finally! I was looking for this solution for a long time now. Finally I can update my ipod touch.

    Worked fine with win7pro 32bit

    Many thanks for this post

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  5. Excellent work!! I tried to get a new iTouch working by using all “the other solutions” for two days and nothin’.

    Your solution worked first … no problem.

    I did however use the Apple Mobile Device Support directory from a Windows machine that I had working with an iPhone (yep … for some reason iTunes installed on a different PC without issue even though its the same version of iTunes/Windows 7/AMD chip).

    I compared your Registry entries to that on the working PC and they were the same so I just used yours (thanks btw).

    I guess Apple can’t complain too much about Microsoft when they can’t even put together a working install package. Apple support were clueless as demonstrated on their own website which basically says “Uninstall, reinstall, Does it work?, No!, Uninstall, reinstall … repeat” (And btw … that is the definition of insanity … repeating the same steps over and over expecting a different result. Draw your own conclusions.)

    Your solution was easy, quick and successful.

    Consider yourself bookmarked my friend!!! Thanks much.

  6. I have a laptop and have just installed windows-7 64bit after removing Vista 32bit. Of course my iPhone was not recognised in the newest version of iTunes 64bit and I have tried to get it work through your prescription above but I do not succeed. When I look at the driver under USB-controllers, Apple Mobil Device USB Driver, I find only this driver files: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\usbaapl64.sys and C:\Windows\System32\usbaaplrc.dll.
    Do you have any solution? Are the drivers wrong? What with the Registry?

  7. ingehn, unfortunately you need to find the 64-bit version of that directory, and corresponding registry entries. If someone could get them for me, I would gladly post them on this blog, but unfortunately I don’t have access to them.

    See if you can find a friend with 64-bit Windows, then copy the Windows Mobile Device directory and the appropriate registry entries.

  8. I tried this. I have windows 7 64-bit. and its to the point where it upsets me to tears. it would really make me happy if someone could expirement and figure it out. also if you could find a way without the use of another comp. it would be good.

  9. when i tried to install it, it found it but it encounterd a problem because it says it’s already being used in another process.

  10. Sounds like that directory might have already existed on your system? I would suggest uninstalling iTunes, then deleting the C:\Program Files\Apple and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple folders (assuming you don’t have any other Apple products installed). Reboot. Then, re-install iTunes and try my steps again.

  11. okay i will try. but you know what the strangest thing is? mobile device support isn’t installed on my computer but it is listed and running under my services.

  12. i did everything you told me including the deleting of the files. same message. i might just give up. my computer and my ipod aybe just weren’t meant to be,

  13. UPDATE FOR ALL: I have added the 64-bit files to the post. So, if you have 64-bit Windows try it out and let me know if it works.

  14. After much tearing out of hair, I was delighted to find your post. I am running Acer Aspire Z5610 with Windows 7 Professional ( 64 bit ). I followed, I hope your instructions. Where I used to be told that I needed to instal latest version of iTunes, that no longer happens. Problem is, I do not think my iPod touch is being recognised by anything.
    Ran Apple diagnostics which claims no iPod connected. Have Copytrans on system also, but that does not seem to register the iPod either. Shows in Device Manager as an iPod, immediately told me that has latest driver ( I expected to be told it was updating ), hang on it did not ask me for a location……I may be back

  15. Having told the machine to update driver for what is shown as an iPod, I am informed that latest driver is installed for an MTP USB device. What the hell is that? If an iPod why can’t they say so. Are they trying to confuse me? When you get to my age you need grandchildren just to switch the machine on for you.

  16. David, First off, download the ZIP file for the “Apple Mobile Device” directory again. I found out the version I posted earlier today was missing the “Drivers” folder (Apple decided to put it somewhere else…I had to move it).

    Anyways, download that file and put it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple

    Then, go try and follow step 6 above again. You’ll want to right-click on “MTP USB device” and try updating that driver…

  17. This is absolutely awesome! Thank you for your post. I’ve been searching for months to get my iPhone to sync in iTunes with Windows 7 64-bit and it’s finally working!

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I had almost given up with this, but coming across your blog (all hail the great god Google!) was my saviour!

  19. I Have windows 7 64-bit and followed the exact instructions. Unfortunately its couldn’t find the new driver in step 6 for some reason. Anyone got any ideas?

  20. Jack,
    Make sure you tell it where to find the driver, don’t let it search. Follow these instructions:
    1. Right-click the Apple device and choose “Update Driver Software…”
    2. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software” in the window that appears
    3. It will ask you for a location, you want to Browse to this folder:
    64-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

  21. Fantastic. 🙂 Bookmarked and distributed to everyone I know of. Many thanks!

    Thought I was going to spend all night getting my phone working again. 🙂

  22. So i couldnt get past step 3 because the Apple File doesnt show up. I have Itunes, Ipod, Bonjour, Quicktime, Apple Software Update. Where am I supposed to unzip it.

  23. Inky, you might have a different problem. If your device is connected and nothing shows in Device Manager you’ve got something else going on.
    Nora, did you download the file in step 2? You need to download the file, find the file you download it, then unzip it to the location listed in step 3.

  24. Hi, do you know if this might also work for Windows Vista (32 bit)? I have all of the symptoms you listed at the beginning, except my PC runs on good old Vista. This seems like an excellent method to try but I’m just concerned about compatibility issues. Thanks!

  25. Kate, the method should work fine for you. The files I have for download are actually originally from Vista anyways, so you should have no compatibility issues.

  26. Thank you! I seem to be running into a problem at step 6. When I direct the necessary file to install the drivers, eventually Windows pops up a message saying it could not be installed because the driver “is not digitally signed”. Is there anything I can do about that?

  27. Unfortunately it’s not giving me that option. It’s just a message stating the issue with the only option being to close the message.

  28. Aurelius – many thanks for the 64bit files and sharing the knowledge on this – even the latest release of iTunes still isn’t fully compatible with Windows 7 (using x64 Ultimate here) – shame

    Worth a note to all those following this that to extract the files from the zip and then copy them into the said location, don’t just copy the folder (it doesn’t bring across the sub folders and files I found out)

    MANY MANY thanks!

  29. dude.. i followed your instructions but when i came to the step of updating the driver under the device manager, my sys told me that windows has determined that my driver was up-to-date. The driver wasnt installed. Now i still could not get my ipod to work, whenever i plug it in, a pop up will say “device driver software for ipod was not installed”. I am going nuts.

  30. oh and during the copying process, it always just hangs at a certain point(like with 1.43 mb left but my xfer rate is 500+kB?)

  31. Oh my gosh! I cannot say Thank you enough. I have been trying to fix this problem for 3 weeks and this finally worked. I searched through every blog and support thread and came across your’s. You are a Genius.

  32. also make sure all apple and itunes services are shut down mine hung as well and i ended the moible device service and it finished and worked thanks again!

  33. I dont know you but I some how ❤ you! I have been so unnaturally angry with iTunes for days! .. I can now go sort out my red ring of death on my xbox 360 .. you don't have any tips for that do you ?

    Again thanks for you time in putting this together ..

    nice traffic driver 😉

  34. Hello! I’ve been trying this workaround for entirely too many reboots. I’m having trouble copying the files from your MDS folders into mine. Specifically the ‘bin’ folder. All files copy over for the exception of these 12:

    I’m assuming this is what is stopping me from updating the driver for my iphone. the Ipod Service is still running and I cannot stop it. I am in administrator mode but I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. PLEASE HELP.

  35. Well, the reason you can’t copy those files over is because iTunes Mobile Device Service is probably already running so those DLLs are in use. You need to first uninstall all Apple related items using Add/Remove programs. Follow the instructions on Apple’s site:
    Once you do that, you should verify the service(s) are all removed, then you should be able to delete the Apple folders entirely out of Program Files and Common Files.
    Basically, you want to clean everything out completely, and then start over on my instructions from step 1.
    One other note…if you already have the Apple Mobile Device Service installed and working, you might have a different problem than the one that this blog entry is designed to fix. Please review the symptoms at the beginning of the post.
    Good luck!

  36. Well, now I just feel silly. My problem actually is that iTunes installs correctly but whenever I go to Sync my music and whatnot, it starts going and then freezes. My CPU usage shoots to 80-90%, my usb wireless adapter stops working, and iTunes stalls out. I haven’t been able to find a solution for this problem and I thought yours might fix mine. Any ideas?

  37. I would suggest starting in the Apple Forums or Google Searches for your problem, see what other people’s experiences are. I can think of about 10 different things that could be causing your problem, it would be best to see if someone else has a solution rather than me guessing. Try the Apple Forum, or another good forum to check is

  38. To start, allow me to point out that your internet site is fantastic. I love the theme that you have. It was very easy on the eyes. Appreciate your article too. Definitely subscribed to your feed to make sure I won’t be missing out on any updates. Excellent job! Toast to a productive business

  39. You sir, are my Hero. I spent sooooo many hours trying to understand why the AMDS wouldn’t install, crawling google for answer. YOU, saved my day! Thank YOU!

  40. Thank you!

    I spent a week searching for the solution. I looked at hundreds of sites and I tried about a dozen different solutions. Obviously yours is the only one that worked!

    I am very grateful!

  41. Hello,

    I have downloaded the 64 bit zip files and extracted the files as directed. I have found the iPhone correctly labelled as such but shown as a Portable Device. I have right clicked to Update Driver Software and click but nothing happens – any thoughts – I feel I am so near yet still so far!!


  42. Thank you so much.

    Been searching for weeks for a solution for my iPhone. I keep getting the “MTP USB failed” and could not find what was wrong.

    Search through so many websites and they all didn’t work.

    Can’t thank you enough !
    Thank you x 100

  43. Further to my message at 51 above I forgot to say that when checking the driver for the iPhone within driver properties in Device Manager it said ‘ No Driver files required or have been loaded for this device’. Does this mean that the driver is not present at all or just can’t be seen? I take it that the driver needs to be allied to the USB where the iPhone is plugged in?

    Some many questions. so little time before the iPhone is consigned to the bin – or the computer!



  44. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it worked and you helped me out so much………thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Great! Glad it worked. I wish someone from Apple would pick up on this blog and fix the problem.

    I get hundreds of page views a day on this, obviously it is a widespread issue.

  46. Aurelius & Pat S,

    I have the same problem as No. 50 i tried everything.

    I tried very hard to follow Pat S. 55 comment on deleting some old Apple Mobile Device Support file in Settings.

    I am not technically sound and if there is anyway you can be descriptive how to delete such files and then install as my problem still persists just like no.50 comments.

  47. Hi,

    My itouch is not recognized by itunes in an windows vista laptop. Would the same solution work for that too?

  48. Where can I find a 64 bit version of iTunes for Windows 7. Or do I download the 32 bit version anyways and follow your steps above?

  49. Oh my goodness. You have no idea how excited I was to try this and have it work!!!!!! I have spent months trying to fix this “problem”. I even regretted going with Windows 7 and considered going back to Vista. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It worked beautifully. I was so excited I screamed out loud and probably scared the neighbors. Kudos.

  50. Just wanted to say thank you!!! I was getting the blue screen of death all morning. I uninstalled Itunes several times without thinking that it was a driver issuse. I had this working since Jan and I switched over to the 64 bit os. I did follow your instructions to a tee and so far no blue screen and no crashes. I bookmarked your site for future problems.

  51. Help I am trying your fix but this page is only displaying to step 4, I need the rest of the instructions!!!

  52. Hi Aurelius and Rohan,
    2 things:
    1. I’m starting to get messages from itunes asking if I want to update to itunes 9.1. I’m not very motivated to try. Has anyone done this? I’m afraid that it will input incorrect registry values and I’ll have to redo the “fix”.
    2. Rohan, did you get your problem solved? I’m not extremely computer literate, but I could probably explain what I did to delete apple stuff. Let me know.

  53. Hey, I had this problem and searched for a LONG time to find the solution, this has been the only solution that has worked so far. NOW I have another problem. Now when I connect my iPod Touch it tells me that my Apple Mobile Device Support is out of date and that I need the newer version.
    I’m using Windows 7 64-bit

    could anyone help me get the newer version of this? as when I uninstall and reinstall iTunes it does not even touch the Apple Mobile Device Support I downloaded from this post

    thanks in advance to anyone able to do me this favour 🙂

  54. I have the same problem .66. I star itunes and i receive msg: Apple Mobile Device is out of date……

    I have 2 dirs: Program Files and Program Files (x86), Were i sould put the unziped files??

  55. I tried the steps, but got the following message “iTunes requires a newer version of AMDS. Please uninstall both AMDS and iTunes and install iTunes again.” Suggestions? Thanks!

  56. UPDATE:
    To the last few people who’ve had trouble with the files, I just uploaded new versions that should work with iTunes 9.1.0 (the newest version). Please try these files and let me know if they work.

    I only have 64-bit files right now. I will try and get 32-bit later (if you have them, send them my way).

  57. Anyone found the 32 bit version yet?
    Still struggling with the amds roll back issue.
    thanks in advance.

  58. Count me as one that this worked for even though my symptoms were a little different.

  59. hey Aurelius
    Brilliant thread. As many before I almost gave up till I noticed your solution.
    However I’m using win 7 64-bit (home Pre) and after I completed your steps, my “Apple Mobile Device USB driver” in device manager is not working…something about “drivers not being digital signed”.
    I’m using the latest itunes, my ipod touch version is 3.1.3.
    Any help/advice is highly appreciated.

    once more…thanks man for your work…good job

  60. hi again….what I meant was, the device manager didn’t change status on “Apple Mobile device USB driver” after I completed the steps above. I still have the ” ! ” sign on my device.

  61. Hey, unfortunately this didnt work for me.., ive had this problem before, when i upgraded to 9.0.1 i think it was, and it worked then, but this time it isnt working. im not sure what i am doing wrong… =(

  62. Ok, now when i extract it, i get something along the lines of

    “Could not create bin/itunesmobiledevice.dll”

    Is this something to do with administration? And i seem to have forgotten my admin password which is strange.

  63. Hoffmann / Simon…this is likely due to Apple continually changing their version of iTunes. I’ll try and get the latest-and-greatest files and post them on the site.


  64. Dear Aurelius, I have followed every single step you have mentioned but still not ok. When I open my computer directory, I can see the iphone logo, but once I enter the itunes, it said I have to upgrade the AMD. F.Y.I, I am using the 9.11 itunes with a 32 bit win 7

  65. Hey,
    I did install the latest itunes as I needed a version certified for windows 7 64-bit…still no luck.
    A additional comment is that my ipod touch were identified on a secondary windows 7 32-bit with latest itunes.

    A quick conclusion is to blame win7 64-bit, however it should work on both…right?

  66. Hoffmann, try again with the new files I just uploaded…I updated the files to 9.1.1 not sure if that will make a difference.
    Nelson, I need to get the files for 32-bit win 7, iTunes v9.1.1 I don’t have it so I need to find someone who does. I’m working on it.

  67. hi both links you have posted for the new itunes 9.1.1 applemobiledevice and registry entries do not work

  68. UPDATE:

    I now have the files for 32 bit Windows on iTunes 9.1.1 posted. If you were having trouble with the latest version you can try it again now.

  69. I have tried again but at the driver update stage I am told that the drivers are upto date and that the device is a Digital still camera.
    Any ideas?

  70. Its working.
    Thanks for all the help on here.
    After weeks of not being able to sync.
    Thank you so much.

  71. Glad to help, Vintagered. I’m glad it worked for you finally. I’m still shocked Apple hasn’t solved this, but I’m glad this solution is working for people.

  72. Thanks a lot for your fine easy instruction to solve this issue. It solved my sync problem for iphone and win7 64 bit. Thank you again.

  73. Aurelius,
    Thank you very much for your solution with very clear explanations. It solves a problem i had since already several months. Despite of long research i didn’t find efficient solution (only stupid like : Uninstall/Install). Yours is great.
    I also don’t understand why apple doesn’t take action for this issue which is quite recurrent if you look on the web.
    Hope you will update files for expected next itunes version (probably with iphone os 4)

  74. You should make emoticons available on your blog for the sole reason that i can not describe how grateful i am for this. Thank you apple for wasting countless hours of my life. On with the jailbreak!

  75. Aurelius,

    I followed your instructions, and I get a different error now: iTunes requires a newer version of Apple Mobile Devie Support. Please uninstall both Apple Mobile Device Support and iTunes, then install iTunes again. Did I do something wrong?


  76. hi, I have the same error message, maybe it’s the new itunes 9.2 version that requires updated files?
    Can you explain how get them, maybe just copy them from a fresh installation on Vista?
    Thanks a lot, francesco

  77. Yes, looks like I need to get the latest files up there. I’ll try and work on that in the next few days.

    Francesco / Nick, can you confirm that you are still getting this same error with Windows 7 and iTunes 9.2? This shocks my that Apple STILL has not resolved this issue in its software.

  78. So this doesnt work for 9.2?
    I cant belive apple.
    I honestly think its a plot to get people to buy a mac insted.
    Why not just fix it and have happy people who buy your ipods insted of pissed people???

  79. Aurelius, First, THANKS for the work you did for v9.1.1. It helped me figure out what to do for v9.2. My partner and I both have Win7-64bit. He has an iPhone 3g; I have an iPod Touch 3G. iTunes installed correctly on my machine and failed on his. After reading your post I was able to get the files off my machine (Common Files & Registry Files for v.9.2) and after a little work got things sorted on his machine. Now all is OK! What I found was that v.9.2 now installs an AMDS directory under both Common Files folders in Program Files(x86) and Program Files. The Driver folder is now under Program Files. I did run into a problem with the install of the driver. It was showing as “not signed”. But, after putting things in place and getting the “!” on the driver entry in Device Manager, I did a simple reinstall of the Apple Mobile Device Support, which I had previously extracted, and everything worked immediately.

    I can’t say thanks enough! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

  80. Oh yes… I do have the AMDS directories, the Registry Files, and the AMDS install program that I extracted from the iTunes installation file all zipped into one file. I can send to you if you need them. They are for Windows 7-64bit.

  81. Hi Jim,

    Will this work for a computer running Windows XP SP3? If so can you email me the zipped files. Thank you so much!!

  82. Good news, all. Latest files for iTunes 9.2, both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, are now posted in the Blog. Go ahead and download!

  83. does it work in Windows XP?? the thing is.. my problem is not exactly the same, when i open iTunes and connect my iPod Touch 2G it says, that apple mobile device hasn´t started. So i go to services and try to open it manually, it tries to open but when it finshes it says it opened and then closed again because some apps close when they have nothing to do.

    I tried a lot of things but nothing worked. i tried reinstalling iTunes 2 times, repairing apple mobile device from control panel, and some other things but nohing worked, still the same problem..

    i have Windows XP SP3, ipod touch 2g, itunes 9.2

    can you help me with this??

  84. No, this will NOT work for Windows XP. This is a Windows 7 specific problem. I would suggest you go check out the Apple forums for your specific issue. Sorry…this solution only works for the symptoms outlined at the beginning of the post, which includes Windows 7.

  85. Great job!

    Thanks so much. This helped me to get my IPod working within some minutes, after hours of frustation before. 🙂


  86. THANKS!!!
    at least after 6 months i can see my iphone in itunes!
    thanks a lot for your precious help, nobody else was able to solve the problem.

  87. Hi, I am running iTune 9.2 and Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I also have an iPhone 4, which just will not connect. My old iPhone 3G is also not connecting now.

    I have tried your latest files and they do not seem to work for me. When I install iTunes 9.2 and run through your steps, I get as far as the device manager driver install. The OS says that I already have the latest version and does not install the one from the directory.

  88. Steve, I would suggest uninstalling everything (including removing the driver and deleting iTunes related folders), and starting over.

    I don’t have an iPhone 4, so I am unable to test how my solution works with the new phone. If someone wants to sponsor me to buy one I’d gladly take you up on that offer 🙂

  89. Steve, I would suggest uninstalling everything (including removing the driver and deleting iTunes related folders), and starting over.

    I don’t have an iPhone 4, so I am unable to test how my solution works with the new phone. If someone wants to sponsor me to buy one I’d gladly take you up on that offer 🙂

    I don’t see any reason why this solution WOULDN’T work, however, as it’s using the same software for iTunes and the iPhone

  90. Steve, I would suggest uninstalling everything (including removing the driver and deleting iTunes related folders), and starting over.

    I don’t have an iPhone 4, so I am unable to test how my solution works with the new phone. If someone wants to sponsor me to buy one I’d gladly take you up on that offer 🙂

    I don’t see any reason why this solution WOULDN’T work, however, as it’s using the same software for iTunes and the iPhone

  91. Hey Steve… I had the very same problem and found a couple of things that needed to be done. First, the “Drivers” folder is not in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support” folder as in previous installs. Instead it is in the “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support” folder. Also, I found that I had to completely remove any previous install of iTunes using Apple’s support document at this location: It clearly describes the exact process you need to follow to get rid of the old software.

    I would first try looking for the drivers in the 2nd folder location mentioned above. If you can install the driver it might repair the problem. If not then try the uninstall process and then reinstall and use the files to fix things, making sure you check for the Drivers folder again.

    I also found that after I had gotten the correct driver it was showing up in Device Manager under the USB section, but with a yellow “!” on it (not correctly installed). I simply did a reinstall of just the AMDS program and everything worked as it should have.

    If you don’t have the AMDS program as a standalone there are instructions in several places showing how to extract it or get it from the update program in iTunes when you do “Download only”.

    I know this works for iPhone 4 too….my install of iTunes 9.2 worked flawlessly with the new phone.

    Good luck!

  92. ive got a windows vista 32 bit, did everything you said,and still when i connected my ipod and out it in recovery mode, itunes didnt recognize it,and windows asked me once again to install the apple mobile device. help pleaseeee

  93. Oigres… I have Win7-64bit not Vista, but I had the same problem until I completely uninstalled iTunes/Quicktime/Bonjour/AppleUpdate/AMDS/etc and then started from scratch using the files/directions Aurelius provided. You must use the Apple uninstall method and it will remove the programs. Then install as told in the instructions above. You might also have the problem of the Drivers folder not being in the right place but that problem is described above and you should be able to get it right. GOOD LUCK… Aurelius is right, Apple needs to acknowledge this problem and fix it. Calling them does nothing to help, they act as though they have never heard of this problem.

  94. Hi,
    i tried your fix out but it didn’t help any. id really love if you could lend any more advice to me.

  95. Thanks for this
    It has worked for me although I am still getting error messages – the sync is now working
    It is about time that Apple acknowledged the crappy software they write for iTunes – especially as it is now needed for business use

  96. hi
    it did not work for me.
    I did al you steps with 64 bit windows 7 but now my itunes is telling me: the necessairy software is not available. please uninstall itunes and install the 64 bit version. (i translated it from dutch).
    i really dont know what to do anymore. uninstalling and reinstalling does not work, i really need to sync and i dont care if i lose all my stuff on my iphone.
    im scared that the programs i put in the register do not work. how can i get them out again?

    can anybody help me im desperate

  97. Tijmen: I think you might have downloaded the 32-bit files. Re-download things and try again with the 64-bit files.

  98. Worked fine, except:
    1. AMDS program does not show up as an installed program using program manager.
    2. I cannot install mobileme control panel for windows. It gives an error message about requiring AMDS

  99. You are a legend! I’ve spent many weeks and many hours trying to sync my iphone after it developed all kinds of bugs with os4, which I’d had to import from a vista machine.

    Very pleased!

    I’d given up on my ipod and I was seriously planning on returning it. I also called the apple customer service place and they didn’t do sh*t for me. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me. Thank you once again, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  101. I have a problem. I have 2 devices in control panel.
    One is Apple iPhone, wich has a microsoft driver.
    Under Portable devices.

    The other is Apple Mobile Device USB driver.
    Under Universal Serial Bus controller.

    The drivers I got from you updates for the serial bus controller.

    But when I try to update the “Apple iPhone” device, it says it dosent find a driver for my software. And I have the exact same problems you guys are having. Windows detects it as a camera, its listed as an iPhone, but Its more like a local hard drive.. and iTunes wont detect it.

  102. I tried everything. Every solution on other posts. My phone works on my vista 32 laptop.

    But all the posts I found only mention drivers for the
    Apple Mobile Device USB driver under Universal Serial Bus controller.

    And not for the Apple iPhone MTP usb device windows 7 installs by default.

  103. Phil, it sounds like perhaps your system already has the correct drivers installed and you can skip that step and do all the other steps. If it’s still not working, I suggest uninstalling everything, including right-clicking on the 2 devices in Control Panel and clicking “Uninstall”, removing iTunes, deleting the AMDS directory, and then starting over on the instructions from scratch. It should work then…

  104. Allan, Re: AMDS not showing up as an installed program…that’s odd as it shows up in mine. I’m not totally surprised that it doesn’t show, since we are essentially “tricking” windows into installing AMDS using my solution even though the installer doesn’t work. But, for some reason, mine does show so I’m not sure what to tell you. You could try re-doing the whole process and seeing if it works the 2nd time, but if your iPhone is syncing now you might not want to risk it.

  105. Sadly, Ive done evertyhing twice to be sure. Tried every USB port in the system. Cleaned up iTunes, resetted the phone.. but tx for your help!

  106. You might have a different and unrelated problem, then. I’d suggest the Apple Forums (which you may have already tried). Sorry this solution didn’t work for you! I know it’s worked for hundreds of others, so that leads me to believe you have something different going on.

  107. did you update the drivers for both devices or just 1? I assume you have both devices I mentionned?

  108. Phil, I had a problem with both devices until I found the correct driver in the ““C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support” folder. When I installed that driver it corrected the problem with the all drivers and things began to work. I did have to do a “repair” of the install of AMDS using just that single extracted program but it worked and all is fine.

  109. Through logging, I came across the same signature verification error a lot of others are seeing. I isolated the AppleMobileDeviceSupport Installer from the %TEMP% directory while the iTunes installer was running. Similarly I ran that by itself and copied the program directory before the install failed and rolled it back. Next I found USBAAPL.CAT and right-clicked on it and installed the certificate it’s signed with in the trusted store and installation succeeded. Apple is using a funky certificate. Seems to work for some folks but perhaps not others? Their software is ridiculously complex for what it does. Kids, if you grow up to be programmers, don’t do it like this.

  110. I updated the driver Apple USB driver. It corrected any conflict with the MS Portable device driver. The version of the MS iPhone driver I have is 6.1.7600.16385. If you have the correct driver in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\drivers (mine are dated April 19, 2010) then I think, not absolutely sure, but I think it will fix the problem.

  111. Hi Aurelius, I am one of the thousands out there that had burnt tens of hours looking up a solution to have my Windows 7, 64 bit recognise my iPhone 3G and iPad. It’s July 25th today, I have the latest iTunes version and the Apple guys have not cared to fix the problem that had creeped up as far back as last November.

    Your solution worked on first try… More and more folks are upgrading to i5s and i7s in recent months that run Windows 7 64 bits very smoothly. They will all have the same problem if they have an iPhone and/or iPad. So much for Apple’s customer service..

    Many thanks indeed..

  112. I just wanted to say “thanks”! I’ve been searching for months on a solution to this problem. Your easy to follow instructions worked like a charm, and have my ipod syncing like there was nothing wrong in the first place.

  113. I’ve been searching for ages on how to fix this, and finally someone has some idea how to do it! Thank you sooooo much for this!!!!!!!!!!

  114. You are AWESOME! I searched, and searched, and searched some more… no avail! I called Apple support, while peristent and helpful, we could not find a solution. This worked BEAUTIFULLY! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!

  115. I have been having a problem with my iTunes for days and I’ve tried so many solutions and yours seems like it would work but I’m having trouble understanding it so if u could dumb it down for me and put it into a step-by-step thing then that would b great, many thanks.

  116. hey i tried but yet i cant my iphone device under device manager under portable or universal?? HELP!

  117. This solution probably won’t work on Vista as it’s a Windows 7 specific issue. You likely have a different problem, Moshow10 and isaib.

  118. I re-downloaded itunes64, and started to unzip the contents in step 2, windows gave me errors and wouldn’t let me unzip them to the file. What now?

  119. Your solution was perfect! I followed your instructions and it worked great. My only glitch was for some reason when I tried to unzip this to the location 32-Bit: Unzip to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple it would not let me so I just unziped it to my documents which created the folder which I just copied to the right location. Thanks for sharing the solution!

  120. Hi,
    for some odd reason, my ipod shows up in portable devices AND universal serial bus controllers.
    and when i rebooted after installing the driver (MTP USB Device, don’t know if im supposed to install that), nothing happens! i called an apple support person, told them my problem and i asked if i should change the USB driver from Apple Mobile Device USB Driver or MTP USB Device, they said its best not too because a problem might occur.
    please help!

  121. oh yeah, also,
    after this if it works, will i lose all my data? (apps, music, videos, etc)
    will everything be the same as before except its not a digital camera anymore? because i dont want to lose ANYTHING. i just dont want my itouch detected as a stupid digital camera 😦

  122. As far as I know this is a Windows 7 only problem. Do you have all of the symptoms outlined at the beginning of the post?

  123. I am not allowed to update the driver for the mtp device. “windows has determined the latest driver is already installed” or some such nonsense!

  124. Did you make sure to choose “manually update driver”? If so, it’s possible the driver is installed correctly and you just need the other steps.

  125. When I tried to extract the files to the correct location (Common Files\Apple) I got 3584 winRAR extract errors saying “Access is denied.”

  126. Try extracting to your desktop the drag it over to the right spot. Also, try using Windows’ built in ZIP extraction instead of WinRAR

  127. I opened iTunes and it tells me I have itunes update 1.2.1, and I need 1.3. I’m uninstalling itunes again and am going to retry installing it. Will I need to re-do these steps again?

  128. I still have the same problem as before, whenever I try to install iTunes I get a registry error. I’ve tried going into the exact location where the component key error resides and have tried to give myself permission to change it, but the computer refuses to do so. I’m really at my wits end with this. Would wiping Windows 7 and installing fresh fix the issue?

  129. I deleted Google’s Chrome, like one guy said gave a fix on his ‘puter. Tried installing itunes again, still no worky.

    Do you think a fresh install of windows 7 would clear the problem?

  130. Chris, it’s possible that will help although I feel bad for you to have to do that…it’s a bit extreme. But, there’s a good chance that would solve it. Do all the symptoms I list at the beginning of the post match your issue? It’s possible you have an entirely different problem and this post isn’t your solution…in that case, a re-format might not solve it.

  131. Yeah, I just went ahead and did a fresh install from the partition. iTunes installed, everything is dumped however and I’ve got to rebuild my music collection. Thanks Apple for nothing.

    Thank You for the help that you offered though. I hope the problem never shows up again.

  132. Allan, I was hoping Apple finally fixed this on Version 10…are you telling me you’re still seeing the same issue on iTunes 10?

  133. Yeah, at least on my PC (I can’t speak for anyone else). I manually removed all of iTunes 9.2 and then downloaded iTunes 10 from the apple web site and installed it. It did the same thing that 9.2 did when I installed it, which is when it was installing the AMDS the progress bar suddenly stopped and rolled back and then continued on installing everything else. I will have to follow the apple support forum and see if anyone else reports the same. As for my laptop that runs Vista 64, there’s been no problem as usual.

  134. Tonite I discovered that using the using the amds software for iTunes 9.2 that you posted here works with iTunes 10.0 (at least did for my iPhone 4). I thought it might complain about the version when I docked my phone but it did not and I was able to upgrade the phone to iOS 4.1.

  135. Hello,

    I upgraded to itunes 10 had same problem as above but just did the same steps as i did with itunes 9.2 and it seems to work fine for itunes 10


  136. You have saved me from the dark chasm of madness and despair! Thank you so much, it worked like a charm.

    Before performing step 3, i.e., unzipping the Mobile Device Support files to the destination directory, be sure to open Task Manager, Processes, Show processes from all users… and stop the process trees for: iTunesHelper.exe, iPodService.exe, and
    AppleMobileDeviceService.exe if they’re running. Otherwise, some files that you’re trying to replace will not be overwritten.

    Thanks again!

  137. this post is just brilliant! I have been searching for almost a month now and was running out of ideas.

    One thing though, for Itunes 10.1 there is no “Drivers” folder in the Mobile Device Support directory I used the drivers for Itunes9.2 and it worked well.

    Good luck and many thanks again for this.

  138. Holy cow, it worked! Thank you so much!!!! It’s been months since it stopped working and I’ve been trying to figure it out!

  139. When I’m trying the step 6 and after browsing this folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers” and clicking next,I received this message “the location you specified does not exist or cannot be reached” despite that I have selected the appropriate files and followed the right instructions
    My os is Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit,I have an ipod touch 2G,and itunes 10.0
    So what is the problem ?

  140. Same problem here. Windows Vista and could not install itunes update. I was using Avast virus program. The Apple tech had me disable the program (actually remove it) and that solved the problem for me. It is worth a try.

  141. Apple Tech Support typically knows nothing about this particular problem so it’s surprising they found something that worked for you, Al.

    Samer, I need to make an update to the instructions I think iTunes handles the folders slightly differently on the latest version, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll try and update it soon.

  142. Ok Aurelius,thank you so much,and I’ll be waiting for the update of the instructions,hope it will work

  143. Ok, I have updated the post with the latest information for iTunes 10.1 32 and 64 bit, including updated info on the Drivers folder

  144. Thank you soooo much,I’ve just tried the step that you have added ,and now It’s actualy working!!! now I can synchronise my ipod touch ..thanks again

  145. Hateaaple: yes it’s absolutely safe. The windows driver has nothing to do with the jailbreak. It won’t make a difference.

  146. On step six when i try to update it it says Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device.. What should i do… HELP plz

  147. I suggest you uninstall the existing driver (right-click and choose “Uninstall”). Also, Uninstall Apple software just to be safe. Then, re-do all the steps in my post.

  148. In Windows 7 it’s very easy. Double-click the ZIP file and it will open up a window with the files inside. Just drag those files to the appropriate place.

  149. hey I got to part 6 and I found that i dont have a “portable devices” selection in the device manager. Apple Ipod #2 comes up under imaging devices. it does take pictures yes, but nothing else is there for my ipod and all it does is install the digital camera thing on it. what should i do?

  150. I followed at the steps and it looked as close as I had ever gotten, but when I update the driver, it says,

    “Windows encountered a problem installing the driver device software for your device.

    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

    The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

    If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software.”

    I have done a clean re-install, and this still occurred. Do you have any ideas? Thanks.

  151. Peter 539: Try completing step 6 using the device that comes up under imaging devices.

    Chris: It appears something is keeping that in memory so it wasn’t truly uninstalled. I would try this:
    Make sure you don’t have iTunes running. Then, go to Task Manager, and find any tasks related to Apple or iPod or iTunes and end those process. Now, try it again.

    If that doesn’t work, try this:
    1. Uninstall all Apple related products (iTunes, Quicktime, etc) 2. REBOOT (this is important) 3. Start my steps over from step 1.

  152. All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH, I have spent so much tine trying to get this resolved, so glad I came accross this page it has been a god send.
    Thanks again

    Happy new year!!

  153. Well, I did get past the issue of the popup telling me to install the 64 bit version (when I had the 64 bit version – Thanks for that fix!), but now I have a different issue – Now itunes will not recognize the ipod touch. To start, Im running a Dell Inspiron M5030 with windows 7, and AVG anti-virus. Its a new PC and this is the first load of itunes on the PC (so I have never seen a device showup in itunes on this PC). The device does showup in itunes on a different PC. I have tried checking out the ipod service under services. The service was started. I tried stopping the service and restarting it, but it still does not show up in itunes. The PC is recognizing the touch because it charges, I get the windows popup when I plug it in, and I see the device in the device manager under portable devices. I also tried disabling the anti-virus, but that did not help. Any ideas???? 🙂

  154. Dude thanks a LOT! I was trying since the past 5 days to make it work. I had almost given up on my iPod until I found this thread. You’re a genius. Keep it up. And thanks again..

  155. I have tried this multiple times and I always get stuck at number 6. It says the file is not valid or can’t be reached when I try that step. Any suggestions? I am BEYOND frustrated and stumbled upon your post after calling Apple and getting nowhere. I have windows 7 by the way.

  156. This was a last resort, very apprehensive about doing anything with the registry. So far, so good. As soon as I followed your very complete instructions, and rebooted, then started ITunes and plugged in the Ipod Touch, it recognized it in Devices, with no errors. Thank you so much for your help!!!!!

  157. Yes Yes Yes! This is the solution! Worked for me on Vista Home 32bit. Hours and hours and hours of trying the other methods…

    Big thanks!

  158. THANK YOU!!! I have been through literally dozens of sites looking for this fix, and even this one didn’t work at first. However, the key was downloading the drivers (it turns out usbaapl64.inf wasn’t being installed). Got it from you, updated the iPod driver manually (Win 7 64 bit recognised it as a camera) and it worked right away.

    Many thanks for a great & thorough job 🙂

  159. I would be forever grateful if you could solve this. I get the message as above `required software not installed..` I`ve done it ALL.
    Including your steps. On step 5 it tells me access to the compressed zip folder is denied. (I have to admit I can`t figure out how to UNZIP the contents in step 3) In the end it tell sme the folder you selected doesn`t contain a compatible software drive for your device. (I have Win & 64 bit)

  160. I would be forever grateful if you could solve this. I get the message as above `required software not installed..` I`ve done it ALL.
    Including your steps. On step 5 it tells me access to the compressed zip folder is denied. (I have to admit I can`t figure out how to UNZIP the contents in step 3) In the end it tell sme the folder you selected doesn`t contain a compatible software drive for your device. (I have Win 7 64 bit)

  161. ok I`ve figured out that`like Billy M I`m missing the usbaapl64.inf (I just have the usbaapl – even though I have a 64 bit computer) my computer is rolling back during itunes install and I`m not able to download the Apple Mobile Device Support. It`s nowhere to be found on my system. I`ve been on the phone with apple for hours and days and no luck. soooo fustrating

  162. Follow my instructions closely. They include that INF file. Don’t bother with Apple support they won’t solve this for you.

  163. I`m soo close. No more error messages but itunes is not recogonizing my device. For the 1st time I have a AMD USB DRIVER LISTED in my Universal Serial Bus Controllers but it has a little yellow triangle warning me about the windows digital signature and possible malicious software.

  164. cannot follow step 6 because since doing all of this my device no longer shows up (or makes any noise when connected) anywhere. It used to be in portable devices and now its gone.
    step 6 says if your device is already listed under USBS go to step 7. under USBS my device is not listed but Apple Mobile Device USB driver is listed with the triangle. I`ve tried up dating that software with no luck.

  165. Kellie, not sure what to tell you…it sounds like the drivers aren’t installed correctly, so the best advice I could give you is UNINSTALL everything: the Apple USB driver, as well as the iTunes software, and then start over from Step 1 and do everything from scratch.

    It’s possible you have a different problem from what this post is fixing…if so you might want to check the Apple forums and search there.

  166. I know so fustrating. I`ve searched every forum. This was the closest as I have the exact same error as at the top of this post. And this is the closest I`ve been. One thing I notice is my driver is a usbaapl64.sys instead of a usbaapl64.inf might you know why?

    I`ll try starting all over again as well. I`M DESPERATE

  167. I did all the steps and everything appeared to work except when I went to choose the file for it to update-> C:/Program Files(x86)/Common Files/Apple/Mobile Device Support/Drivers…there was no drivers within my folders so it told me the driver was already updated and not fixing my issue. Any ideas?

  168. Kellie and Hannah, did you both make sure to follow Step 4 where you download the Drivers separately? That might be your problem. Make sure to download my drivers and copy them over.

  169. hi,
    Thanx a lot it solved my basic problem BUT……..

    Now it is saying that
    THE iPhone can not be used because Apple mobile Device service is not started.
    (NOTE* i have tried to START through Services but its giving error, i even reinstalled itunes )

  170. Aurelius, you are a genius. I wasted for almost a month trying to find a solution for this issue in VISTA. Thanks 🙂 I am donating a small amount of 5$ 🙂

  171. Sampath, I’m glad it solved your issue. Thank you for your donation, I really appreciate it!

  172. Dear Aurelius,

    I would like to thank you for helping me fix this problem two months ago! But now i have a new problem. I decided to update my ipod but now everytime i sync my ipod it says it’s looking for Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode). I tried to locate it through the previous files that I unzip from this site but no luck 😦 Do you have any idea how to fix this?? Thanks for everything again.

  173. Dear Aurelius,

    I fixed the problem! I put the Ipod in DFU mode and it restored it with the new version with it! Thanks for everything!

  174. For those who have had this problem:

    “…The step of updating the driver under the device manager, my sys told me that Windows has determined that my driver was up-to-date. The driver wasnt installed…”

    You need to disable the Windows automatic driver installer, here’s a link to walk you through that:

    After you’ve disabled the Windows automatic driver installer, plug in your iPod/iPhone (make sure iTunes is closed). Open Device Manager. If it shows up as a mobile device (like a camera), right click on apple iPod/iPhone and click “Uninstall”. Then, unplug and replug your iPod/iPhone. Now just follow Step 6 above, and everything should work out just fine!!! (The only thing different is that in the Device Manager, your iPod/iPhone will appear in “Other Devices”)

    Good luck

  175. Another easier way i’ve found to solve this. Simply copy/paste the files from the download only folder and move to your desktop. Uninstall everything again first, then reinstall. Worked like a champ.

  176. Thanks for this post and the dl files. They solved my baffling iPod touch connection issues, especially the registry entries since they let Windows know that all the components are installed.

    This worked for version 10.2.2, btw. Will it be fixed by Apple in the future? Doubtful, since I found forum posts dating back from 2008 about these types of issues.

    AMDS simply wouldn’t install; in fact, it would just roll back. Very frustrating.

    Thanks again.

  177. hi, this was brilliant and worked. But the next time i booted up my computer it has happend again..? Help if possible. Pretty sure there is something random going on because everytime i boot up itunes it changes the colour of the bottom nav bar of the computer..?

    Any help would be great.


  178. yeah i got through everything and my device isnt under “universal bus” destination or whatever and i did the browse my computer and it said it already had the latestversion of the driver or whatever it was and it still doesnt work any help would be really appreciated

  179. I may have a slightly different issue.I have Windows 7 Ultimate on a Toshiba laptop,and everytime I plug iPhone 3g into it,it shows up as a USB composite device and a digital camera.I’ve had 4 different versions of iTunes on it from latest back to v9,I even reformatted! Still can’t get it to show as an iPhone either in windows or in iTunes.can SOMEONE help me please as it’s really annoying me now! It’s not the phone because I can sync it on my main pc running the same 32 bit os no problem!!

  180. The service is running but the Apple Mobile Usb driver isn’t and I really don’t Know what to do!!

  181. Hey, both links for downloading the Mobile Device Support directory are broken, I’d be glad if anyone could post another link. I have 64bit windows 7.


  182. THANKS A LOT! Aurelius

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Media Center 2005
    QuickTime 7.6.9
    Apple Application Support 1.5.2
    Apple Mobile Device
    Apple Mobile Device Driver
    Bonjour (333.2)
    iPhone 3G running firmware version 4.2.1

    Current user is an administrator.
    iTunes is not running in safe mode.

    Sync tests completed successfully.

    Again, thank you!

  183. I get the message windows has determined you already have the best driver installed, and problem remains.

    Ipod shows as a portable device and USB mass storage device.

    I have tried absolutely everything! Grr

  184. Aurelius, you are the best!!!! It worked perfect for me. Itunes didn’t reognise my iPad 2, but after I follow your instructions it did.

    I really appreciate your effort and patience to write this tutorial as it has helped a lot of people, including me.


  185. That’s great! I had no idea this solution worked for the iPad, I don’t have one. Glad to hear it helped, though.

  186. PLEASE HELP!! My son did the jailbreakme on his Iphone 4 without me knowing and now the phone won’t charge or turn on. after he did it, it showed the battery needed charging but would not charge, now it’s dead and you cannot plug into anything, it doesn’t recognize being plugged in to the wall or to the computer and Itunes doesn’t recognize it either. NOTHING!.

    I have tried everything, how can I get my Iphone 4 working again?

  187. Julie,

    My solution won’t help you with this issue…what you probably need to do is get your phone in dfu mode or recovery mode. See this for example:

    There are plenty of online articles about similar issues, I’d suggest Googling your issue and see what you find.

    There is a chance your phone is bricked, but I’d say it’s fairly unlikely. Almost always there’s a way out of it.

    It’s possible the physical charging mechanism is totally broken…if that’s the case you’re going to have to take it to Apple (if you do that you run the risk of them seeing that it’s jailbroken and saying they won’t help you…however if you can’t even turn on the phone and they can’t either then they won’t know).

    Sorry I can’t help you more…the other thing I would suggest is find a “geek” friend you know to work through it…recovering a phone in this state is a bit technical, but not impossible.

  188. The problem I’m having with this is the following:
    My iPad was not being recognized by iTunes, and Windows classified it as a digital camera.

    I open control panel, update the driver of my iPad in the driver file, and Windows tells me that the driver isn’t signed. The iPad then disappears from the mobile devices list in the Control Panel, and instead, the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver appears with an exclamation mark beside it. Now I had that same logo trying to connect my iPod, and Apple’s advice was to uninstall it along with its driver and then check for changes in plugged in devices. However, if I do this with the iPad, it just removes the AMD USB Driver and brings back the iPad in the Mobile Devices list, registered with its old driver and recognized as a digital camera. In other words, I’m back at square one.

    It’s driving me ’round the bend. Do you have any idea at all how I can stop this vicious cycle and just get it work?

  189. This worked for me after trying all other solutions. Thank you so much for your work on this issue.

  190. THANK YOU! I am not a tech head at all, but your step by step instructions were wonderful and easy to follow, after spending hours I have finally sinc’ed my iphone again, you r awesome.

  191. Thank you you magnificent blighter!
    I have been working on this for months meeting roadblock after roadblock. Finally I can put new purchases on my iPad.
    Cheers for everything!

  192. Your comments were sooooo helpful. Got my itunes back in 10 min. Tried to get it back for months. Nice to see my Iphone sync. again

  193. Thank you SO much! This was SUCH a pain and I had no idea how to fix it. This page was a lifesaver!!! I’m very thankful.

  194. I’m getting something saying that I need a newer version of apple mobile device. Is there any way you could update that?

  195. HI, i’v tried to work this thing but it still isn’t downloading..HEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-( please

  196. I too would love to try this fix, but I’d need an updated version of these files for iTunes 10.5 64bit… Because short of reinstalling Windows, I tried everything I could read or think of… I think that you’re my last hope here 😀

  197. Yeah I’m having a major issue as well. iTunes 10.5 was working fine, i bought an iPhone 4S, synced it a couple times, came back noticed that it won’t sync anymore. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uninstalled/installed iTunes, Apple Mobile Device, Bonjour, bla bla. Nothing! Now it won’t even start because there is a huge list of dll files missing…idk what to do anymore. Plz help

  198. … and it worked!!! I don’t know how to thank you Aurelius, I spent hours (days) trying to fix this annoyance, and only your method (and your files) have managed to solve the problem. Thanks again 🙂

  199. Hi i keep on getting errors for all the files once i unzip them into the apple folder. Does anyone know why this is? The error says that the file cannot be created for each and every one of the files. Thanks

  200. Yes i am. It is on my laptop and I only have the one account. It just makes no sense to me why it is doing this.

  201. Dustin, You may have administrator privileges but you also need to check and make sure the directory is not set to “read only”. That will also cause a failure to unzip files.

    Not sure if that is it but it may be possible.

    Also, you say you only have one account but if you bought the machine from a vendor like Dell or Lenovo you may have an “Administrator” account. Check “Users” under Control Panel and see if shows an admin account as well. Log into that account if it does and see if you truly have admin rights.

  202. Ok i managed to extract the folder but now it is saying it AMDS is not started. I tried doing this:

    1) Close iTunes and disconnect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
    2)Click the Windows Start button Start button.
    3)In the Start Search field type Services.
    3)In the Programs section of the search results, Click “Services”.
    4)Select Apple Mobile Device and click Stop the service
    5)Select Apple Mobile Device and Stop the service
    6)After the service has stopped, click Start the service.
    7)After the Apple Mobile Device service has started again, open iTunes and connect the device.

    But Apple mobile device support isn’t even in the list in the services (local) section where it should be.

  203. Never mind guys it just started working! Thanks for all the help Jim and Aurelius! I have been without new music for a month! And just for the record i was not able to unzip because the apple folder was set to read only.

  204. Great news! Glad to hear it, Dustin.

    Let me know if anyone else has the issue of the Apple folder being set to “read only.” If so I might need to add that to the instructions.

  205. I have a problem! I’m stuck in step 6.

    When I go to Device Manager, there is a “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” listed in Universal serial Bus Controllers and “Apple iPod” listed in Images Device. In the iPod one, i click Update Driver Software and then select the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers directory, BUT it gives me an error like (it’s in spanish so it won’t be accurate) “the specified route has no information about the hardware”

    What can I do????!!!!!!!

  206. THANK YOU! After trying several similar steps posted by other blogs with no success, yours finally worked for me. Unbelievable that apple hasn’t fixed this yet in their install files.

  207. Hi, when you said uninstall the old iTunes, does it include removing the QuickTime player, apple mobile device support etc?

  208. Yes, to be safe that’s what I would recommend. Particularly you want to get rid of AMDS and make sure it can re-install that.

  209. I am getting an error saying that there is an error in the driver. It shows up in the Device Manager in the right place but has an exclamation next to it. Any ideas.

  210. Hi,
    I replied on the apple site also. I have a windows 7 machine and tried to upgrade to itunes 10.5. It would not install. I then followed the instructions on the apple website and uninstalled everything as they suggested. Now when I try and install apple software the apple application support module crashed during the installation of the file SQLiet3.dll. Since apple application support didn’t install none of the apple programs work. I have tried cleaning the registry and making sure all of my windows updates are installed and I also turned off the Symantec antivirus software. I spoke with applecare and they hopefully will get back to me.

    Any ideas?

  211. Step 4 was key for me. Even though I had the driver folder, the drivers were over a year old and didn’t get recognized by Device Manager. Thank you!

  212. Two things:

    1) this solution works perfect in Windows XP (SP3 in my case)!

    2) BEWARE non-english Windows users!!!! You’ll have to change EVERY register (execute/regedit) with an AMDS route. This, because the downloaded regs are installed automatically in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support and -for example- spanish Windows uses C:\Archivos de programa\Archivos comunes\Apple…. If you don’t change this, it will never work because the program will not recognize the files needed. Look very very carefully every route in your regedit.

  213. I have tried like 5 times following your guide, but it still does NOT work for me.I have Win 7 64-bit with ITUNES 64bit and no matter what I try the device stays in the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” category with the exclamation mark. If I try to update the driver it says its already up to date. If I try to update the driver from have disk and select it, it says there is a problem with the driver signing. I have done absolutely everything you have suggested in the comments (i read all 243 of them!!!). ANy other suggestions ? Thanks in advance. This is a nightmare. It works on my laptop which i dont have anymore, but on my desktop it just refuses to work! 😦

  214. I did everything you said and downloaded and unzipped all the files correctly. My computer doesn’t recognize my ipod as a camera anymore but when I try to open itunes it says

    “Apple Application Support was not found.

    Apple Application support is required to run iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.

    Error 2 (Windows error 2)”

    I’m not sure what to do now?

  215. Oh well. I never got past the first step. I got something like 360 unzip failures (cannot open output file) on opening the very first zip file. 64 bit Windows simply doesn’t like Apple software, or so it seems.

  216. OK. The problem above was that Windows 7 was not creating folders, so I did that manually. I then followed all the directions. I found the iPhone in Device Manager under Portable Devices (it didn’t show up unless the phone was unlocked), then it appeared. Windows says the driver is up to date and working properly, yet iTunes STILL says the required software is not installed and to remove iTunes and install the 64 bit version (which is what I have!). If I go to Start and click Devices and Printers, Apple iPhone and Apple Mobile Device USB Driver show up as “Unspecified”, but both show the drivers working properly! Once again I’ve hit the same brick wall…….. When I plug in my iPad, the USB driver shows up in Devices and Printers under Devices (instead of “unspecified”) but does not show up in Device Manager at all. Again I get the “uninstall iTunes message …..

  217. I’ve gone into Services. The Apple Mobile Device is stopped. When I try running it, I get the message the system could not find the file specified. I’ve made sure all the files are in the directory path specified (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Apple). I’ve gone in there and clicked AppleMobileDeviceService.exe; same message that I have to remove iTunes and install the 64 bit version ….

  218. Next …. Services says that Apple Mobile Device services is dependent on the TCP/IP Protocol Driver. Is there any way to see if this is the problem? I also clicked on AppleMobileDeviceService.exe and tried running it as administrator, then I tried to troubleshoot compatibility. Nothing worked there; I just got a message that the file is incompatible with the operating system!!!

  219. Jgor, I’m assuming you are for sure on Windows 7? Are you using the correct 32 or 64 bit drivers for your OS? It sounds like perhaps the wrong files are being used, due to your last message. Also, don’t mess with the TCP/IP Protocol or you will break other things on your computer.

  220. Hey I looked for the mobile device and its installed. When i try to install iTunes it gets to the very end and some error screen comes up and then it says rolling back action and fails to install. got any other ways i can fix my problem???

  221. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! a Life saver after 5 days finally!

    The key for me was to clean up the registry so the AMDS service was removed. I unstalled I tunes again and again AMDS again would not install – but following your steps and all was fine. than you.

  222. Aurelius – I have Windows Vista 32 bit. When I get to Step 6 and plug in my iPod, the device shows up under “Other devices” and has a small exclamation mark with yellow background next to the iPod icon. Then, when I right-click to update the driver software I get the error: “Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.” Note – I do not have any other programs open. I have had this issue for years. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  223. i can’ t succeed to install itunes10.5… i have this “rolling back action” each time i try just after the action “copying new files”…

    i’m on windows 7 32 bits…

    ive tried to follow your solution in vain…

    can you help me ?


  224. Dam – it ha sinstalled 10.5 and i can AMDS working and my old IPOd nano does work but it doesnt recognise the Iphone. Its showing up under Other devices in Device Manager and trying to install updated driver just coems up woth teh MTP driver error

    Any thoughts?

  225. Just amazing. I have been working with Apple to get this resolved. I have spent probably close to 10 hours on this. With your instructions, it was less than 30 minutes.

  226. hey i have the same problem as Tom C, also does this actually work for vista 32, could you please help me on this problem cause i have been on this problem since last Monday?

  227. Wow, I cannot thank you enough. After hours, and I mean at least 8 hours combined over the course of 3 days, found your fix and now everything works properly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Not sure why this isnt in every forum out there on how to fix this stupid probelm that Apple should fix ASAP.

  228. I’ve finished all the steps until step 6. my compuuter wont locate- C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
    what should i do now?

  229. I have also struggled over 3 days now – about 8 hours. Just found this site and started to work on it. Before I go too far, does this work for Windows Vista 32 bit?


  230. its lisa again. after reading through all the messages, it appears this should work for Vista. Now, I can’t get the files to unzip into the D drive/program files/common file/apple. I am able to copy them to my desktop so I think I hvae a problem with teh folder being “read only”. I noticed someone else had this. How do I fix? Thanks

  231. Thanks! This is the ONLY solution that worked for me on 32 bit Vista with iTunes 10.5. I spent the whole day on this trying different things, but nothing else worked.

  232. Please can anybody help?

    All the steps have been followed and still itunes doesn’t recognise my iphone, my pc still thinks the iphone is a camera, I’ve spent since October 2011 trying to get this fixed.

    I have followed apple’s troubleshooter guides and emailed apple twice without a reply. Any words of guidance are truly appreciated. Thank you in anticipation.

    Its an iphone 4 and my pc is a windows 7 Home Premium – 64 bit

  233. Hey its Nancy, I followed all your steps but the only problem I seem to be having is in step 6 when I’m trying to install the driver and it keeps saying this when i try to install the driver…….

    Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device

    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

    (Then Some picture of a USB) Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

    Access is denied

    If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software.

    Could you please help me! I’ve been on this problem for weeks and i still haven’t even got a chance to use my new iPod touch yet…

  234. Comment no 255. I have same problem. Let me repeat it for you.
    I have Windows Vista 32 bit. When I get to Step 6 and plug in my iPod, the device shows up under “Other devices” and has a small exclamation mark with yellow background next to the iPod icon. Then, when I right-click to update the driver software I get the error: “Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.” Note – I do not have any other programs open.
    Pls help me

  235. Nancy are you an administrator on your computer? If not you need to log-in as an Administrator account. Also, make sure UAC (User Access Control) isn’t blocking access to that directory.

    It sounds like you’re running into a permissions issue.

  236. I have turn off my UAC and tried step 6 again, but still it doesn’t seem to be letting me install the driver software….., don’t know what to do now, and yes i am administrator on my account

  237. One thing you*could* try, I have no idea if it would work, is copy the drivers folder somewhere else, like under c:\ and then use that location when locating the driver. Sorry I don’t have your issue so I can’t replicate this.
    The only other thing I can suggest is uninstall everything Apple related, delete the associated folders, and start over with the instructions. This has worked for a few people. Sorry I can’t help more.

  238. Thank you, I have done all you suggest and more than once. I am literally doing a cloud and hardware back up of my files and going to factory reset my pc and start all over again 😦 Thank you for your support.

  239. Hi aurelius, I got to step 6 where i’m supposed to update the drive, but when i right clicked on the phone icon, there wasnt any update the drive option. and my iphone was recognised by my laptop as a digital camera. not iphone.

  240. Hey Aurelius, no worries, looks like the problem is solved without me doing step 6 afterall :)) thank you!

  241. I have heard from other commenters that these instructions work the same on iPad. Unfortunately I don’t have one so I can’t test this. If anyone wants to donate an iPad to me so I can test I will happily accept 🙂

  242. Thank you so much. After about 3 weeks and no music on my new iPhone, it’s finally fixed. Eternally grateful

  243. Interesting, I did the steps in the order provided, and it did not work. So I tried again in a different order and it worked (Win 7 32bit):
    2, 3, 4 (NA), 5, 6 (NA), 1, 7.

    Thanks so much for your help…3 months since I’ve been able to synch!

  244. thanks alot but i have a different problem please help me
    when i install latest version of itunes on my w7 64 bit os it is working fine and dectet my iphone 4 but when i connect to itunes store no application display in itunes store…..
    and when i install old version of itunes on same os it is working fine all application are shown in itunes store but this itunes not detect my iphone 4…………….pls help

  245. Hey Aurelius,
    I followed the steps, and installed/deinstalled everything now for 6 times.
    In the first installation I made a mistake: I put the downloaded Drivers folder in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\
    instead of
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\
    (because the latter folder didn’t exist at all, in every reinstallation I have to create it manually)
    In step 6, the my iPod showed up on my computer with an exlamation mark. I installed the drivers (well, from the wrong folder, but I don’t know if that matters) and ended up with an error message saying something about ‘non certificated driver blabla’
    After that, iTunes still gives me the error message mentioned above in your blog.
    Well I removed all programs again (in the way which is recommended on the apple support page), I used CCleaner after that to get rid of registry failures, I manually removed all ‘Apple Mobile Device Support’ folders. I deinstalled the driver for the iPod and restarted my pc and began from the scratch.
    Well, now, if arrive at step 6, I plug in my iPod and windows automatically installs a driver for the device (Apple Mobile Device USB Driver). No exclamation mark or anything. The device is listed as a hard drive. Well, at the same time it is listed under unknown device.
    When I now rightclick –> update driver software –> get driver manually from a folder on your computer
    I choose the correct folder but:
    “No driver have been found”

    Any idea?

  246. I had the same issue but on 32 bit Vista home basic 32 laptop. I also ran into the same issue Nancy ran into:
    Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device

    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

    Access is denied

    If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software.
    I had to disable UAC and also I restarted my computer for the UAC change to take effect. I then went into Device Manager and right clicked the “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” entry under “Universal Serial Bus Controller” and chose “Update Driver Software ..” and updated the driver. It still gave me the same error above but this time my plugged in ipod touch was recongnized (itunes loaded automatically and the ipod touch device was recongnized within itunes). Hope this helps someone else.

  247. Hey Tom, I don’t see “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” under “Universal Serial Bus Controller”, you sure you weren’t misinformed

  248. Awsome, it worked perfectly with my new laptop with Windows 7.
    Since the notebook is a Samsung, i almost had the impression that all this was made “on purpose”, since Samsung does not usually have a great feeling with Apple…
    It would be interesting to know from the other users what’s the brand of the PC/laptop they were having problems with! 🙂
    Well, many many thanks for the moment!!!

  249. Your fix worked flawlessly in order to get Apple Mobile Devices on my computer, but as I open Itunes it says that i Have 32-bit version, and that i need 64-bit version. I have, however, installed the correct version for my computer, which is 64. When I installed Itunes it said there was an error, and so it rolled back, but Itunes, nevertheless, ended up on my computer, and in working order-other than the fact that it thinks it is the 32-bit version- and now I have no clue how to go about fixing this. I was wondering if you, because you seem to be incredibly more erudite and educated than those who I have previously contacted for support, could help me personally with my problem through email or something of the sort. my situation is becoming an incredible irritation to me, and I would be ecstatic if you could aid me in resolving it.

  250. Many, many, many, MANY thanks for this. After spending 5 days trying to find a solution, this worked on my Dell running 64-bit Windows 7. Hooray!

  251. Thank you so much! i went through so many forums trying so many different things and none of them worked.
    Thanks again! 🙂

  252. Worked great after learning from the instructions needed a little more info on how to extract the file apple mobile device, i tried to extract it to the directory but it would not let me. I just extracted to my desktop and moved the file in the apple directory and it worked.
    I have saved this site to my favorits and will come back to donate later.
    Thanks !

  253. Hello Aurelius,

    First of all thank you for this guide.
    First I uninstalled Itunes and other 3 apple products from my pc. Then deleted the apple files in Program files/common files and Program files (x86)/common files.
    Then I installed Itunes again. Completed the steps up to 6.
    Still I got my iphone 3GS (ios 5.0.1) listed as other devices. And cannot find any drivers.
    Then I used the usbaapl64.sys file and got my Iphone in USB controllers list with a yellow question mark on it.
    I tried to install the driver from Program Files/Common Files/Apple. But the file has not been created!
    Then I created an apple file 😀 and unzipped my 64Bit files into that folder.
    But cannot install that again. I tried to install from Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Apple/Mobile Device Support/Driver but that didn’t work too.
    Need tethering to work in other places.
    Can you help me please?

  254. Running Windows 7 64 bit, and have iPhone 4.

    In Step 6 I get this error while trying to install the driver :

    Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.
    There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.

  255. I have Windows XP(it’s an old work PC) 32 bit, so I’m not sure if the steps will work for me. I am able to complete everything except installing the driver.

    The iPhone is listed under the USB controllers in “Device Manager” and when I attempt to install the driver from the ADMS directory, it says:

    “There was a problem installing this hardware:
    Apple Mobile Device USB Driver”
    An error occurred during the installation of the device.
    The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.”

    Don’t know what process; the ADMS isn’t running on the machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  256. I can’t believe it!!! It worked on my Vista 64-bit system…..I am soooo excited as I have tried every fix out there for the last two weeks – why didnt I find this one first! I extracted all the files to both Program files to be sure.
    Thank you!!!!

  257. Hello:

    I am having this problem, i have windows vista 32, itunes 10.5.3 is not installing apple mobile device; i download the individual files in the example for windows 7 but it does not work, i dont know if somebody h ave a solution for this.

    thank you very much

  258. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been working on this for SIX months. Apple Support was very nice (I spoke with 5 different reps), but couldn’t fix the problem. This was AMAZING. Thank you so much for directions even a non-techie could follow. I’m so excited to have my iTouch back.

  259. I am desperate. I am trying to re-install iTunes on a windows 7 machine but it gets to installing files and then just rolls back.

    I’ve deleted all the apple and iTunes files I can find, but still no good.

    PLEASE can you help.


  260. This will not work for me. I get through everything and it says “Windows cannot verify the digital signature” so it won’t change to the other driver. Every other step worked without problem. What is going on?

  261. Kev, I believe “rolling back” is part of the problem. It should still install the base files, then you can follow the rest of the instructions to install the Mobile Device Support. Can you try this? Just ignore the rolling back.
    Angleyez, does it let you still continue even if it can’t verify the signature?

  262. Hello I have tried everything uninstalling and reinstalling and when it gets to updating the drivers it says “Windows was unable to install your iphone
    Windows could not find driver software for your device” Please help! I’ve been trying to find a solution for months. I have windows vista 64bit with itunes 10.6

  263. This solution exists to be used if all the “simple” solutions offered by Apple don’t work…which is the case for the more than 100,000 people who have visited this page.

  264. i´ve also tried this solution but nothing happened, i keep receiving the same message :S please help!!!

  265. Help – I’ve uninstalled every portion of iTunes and reinstalled it several times, does not run apple mobile device. Followed your six steps, and now iTunes is installed, but will not open. Have tried the icon, the shortcut, the .exe file, none of them will open iTunes. How can I fix this?

  266. Hello,
    i have the problem that after i deinstall itunes i cant install itunes again, allways rollback. i can install each file seperatly. the drive a.s. all work but not intunes.. ARGGG.
    The phone is now reconiced after doing the 6 steps.
    Anyone know how i can install itunes again?

  267. Thank you very much. It worked. I am really glad someone gave a solution to this. I searched for this for almost two days now. Thanks!

  268. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a solution and this is the only one that ACTUALLY WORKS!! Thank you so much!! I was nearly giving up on Apple!! Thanks again

  269. Searched everywhere for a solution. This is the only one that WORKED. Top marks for an excellent tutorial.

  270. I’ve noticed that the latest download is 10.6.3, will this solution still work. I tried this once and got the yellow exclamation triangle under USB controllers. I have deleted all programs and files and will retry. I have a Dell Inspiron N5030 win 7 64 bit. I would love to get this sorted as it’s driving me made!!!

  271. I will update files to 10.6.3 as soon as I can. I’ll update the comments when it’s done.

  272. sorry but when i unzip the drivers files on my desktop,i got no files to doubleclick and install .only some dll files.
    What can i do?

  273. Nevermind I took the driver from the wrong Common/apple. Apparently it made one in both programfiles and x86

  274. I have Windows 7 and updated my itunes to 10.6.3 and after the update, none of my devices worked again. I got the same errors and tried updating the driver by rightclicking the usb with exclamation but it keeps telling me the the driver is already installed! Does the 10.5 drivers work for 10.6.3 or should I wait for it??? Pls help!

  275. Sorry to bother you, but I followed all your steps and now I get the message “iTunes requires a newer version of Apple Mobile Device Support. Please uninstall both Apple Mobile Device Support and iTunes, then install iTunes again.”

    I should note that I’m running Windows 7 (64-bit) and iTunes 10.6.3. This has honestly got me ripping out my hair and I’ve spent hours now just trying to look for a solution.

  276. Brilliant. Works with latest version of itunes. Spent hours trying to solve this but your instruction was spot on and solved it in minutes.

    Great work well done.

  277. It seems that you have created an extremely effective solution! I am still having a couple of problems. When I first install iTunes I get an error, but then the installation proceeds and says AMDS failed to start and to verify that I have sufficient privileges. I can install older versions of AMDS, but then my iPhone won’t sync.Then, when I try to delete Bonjour it says it’s in use. I found that there is a Bonjour folder in both the Programs (x86) folder and in the Programs folder. When trying your solution, I went to unzip the files to the Programs (x86) folder and got errors, but could unzip it just fine in the downloads folder and move it. When i tried to unzip the files to the regular Programs folder, I did not have an Apple folder at all. So sorry to bombard you with more questions, but I’ve been trying to fix this for a week and Apple is NO help. Thank you!

  278. The registry files came out in notepad. There was no installation option, not even if I right-click it. I feel I’m almost out of this hole though! Also, when I try to update my itouch with the driver folder, the process ends and doesn’t update. It says, “the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.”

    I tried to turn off start up items with msconfig and then it just says “data cannot be found”. or something to that degree.

    Any directions? thanks!

  279. It looks like Apple must have corrected something as I downloaded from the website and AMDS loaded correctly and I now have my iphone working 🙂

  280. I, too, have win7-64, and iTunes Your tips got my service running again, but now I get the same error as above – “iTunes requires a newer version of Apple Mobile Device support. Please uninstall both Apple Mobile Device support and itunes, then install iTunes again”. I just don’t think I can do this uninstall/install another time! I have probably done this 25 times in the last week. Any ideas on how to get this “newer version”? Thanks for the easy instructions on getting AMD running, though.

  281. I have followed all the above steps and I am getting a message that says “iTunes requires a newer version of Apple Mobile Device Support. Please uninstall both Apple Mobile Device Support and iTunes, then install iTunes again.” I am afraid to uninstall iTunes because I have had so many issues with Apple Mobile Device and have tried to uninstall iTunes and then was not able to reinstall it. I finally have it reinstalled with Apple Mobile Device but I need a newer version. Please help me. I am so frustrated with this.

  282. I use window 7 and I have this problem too with 10.6.3

    So I try to install previous version 10.6.1

    in 10.6.1 I can sync with iOS device.

    If anyone can solve this problem with 10.6.3 please help

  283. Good news everyone, I have updated the files for 10.6.3, so now you should no longer get the “iTunes requires a newer version of Apple Mobile Device Support.”

    Please re-download the files and try again, hope it works for you!

  284. I have tried these steps like 10 times…. I am beyond frustrated. I at least now have everything installed but my computer is still reading my iphone as a acamera. When I update the driver it says that it is already up to date. I dont know what else to do!!! I have uninstalled the driver and tried reinstalling it and my phone still shows up in prtable devices. I have been trying everything for a week now and I am about ready to give up!!!! Please Help!!!

  285. Got it figured out, copied USBdriver from another computer. added it to the folder.
    Go to Device Manager
    Highlighted the Apple iPhone under Portable devices
    Click Action tab – Update driver software
    Browse My computer for software
    Clicked – let me pick from a list
    Opened the C: Program files – common files – Apple – Mobile device support – drivers
    Chose the driver copied from the other computer.

    Voila it worked

    Note: I am using Windows 7 64bit system

  286. OK, I got the latest drivers you put up there. My service is running ok, my iPhone shows up under portable devices in device manager and also in the USB controllers. The USB says Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and is provided by Apple and dated 5/11/2012. Version is 6.0.9999.61. But the iphone under portable devices says provided my Microsoft, dated 6/21/2006, ver 6.1.7600.16385, even though it says under “general” Apple iPhone. If I try to update drivers, It shows “windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date” and calls it MTP USB Device.

    I STILL get the “iTunes requires a new version of Apple Mobile Device Support – please uninstall both AMD and iTunes, then reinstall iTunes”. Why does this have to be so hard!!! My phone will show up on my work computers. Just not my home computer, and this is the one that I sync to.

  287. aaaand doesn’t work again! just stepped away from pc for a minute, got back and it doesn’t work again 😦 and I did NOTHING and I have no clue why it stopped working

  288. I followed these steps exactly, but when I tried to Update Driver Software it said “Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date.” And since it didn’t reinstall, it obviously didn’t fix the error message when I connect my iPhone 4S.

    Any other suggestions?

  289. when i try to update the driver, it finds the driver but says it encounters a problem and can’t install it

    specified procedure could not be found

    any way to fix this?

  290. So heres where i’m at.

    Apple Mobile Device service is showing up and is started
    Itunes doesn’t give any error messages about it
    when i plug in my ipod touch, showes up in My Computer as a portable device (can’t view any files)
    Itunes does not detect it at all
    The proper driver cannot be installed for it, getting that same specified procedure could not be found error
    installing Apple Mobile Device Service.msi still rolls back.
    i feel like that driver is the only thing missing but no clue how to get it to install


    ok so i used your method up to the point of updating the driver. thats the only thing i couldn’t do. installed the apple mobile service, COULD NOT get the driver to update. perhaps the file was wrong? not for 64bit?

    anyway, i found the folder i trashed from the filerepository in system 32 when i couldn’t ORIGINALLY get rid of apple mobile device service. so i took off the permissions off that folder to put it BACK into filerepository. updated the driver in device manager with no problem


    thank you so much for you registry files, without them i would have nothing, because Apple Mobile Device service kept rolling back and not installing. if you can provide the correct driver for people to update, it should solve all their issues

    thanks again

  292. Hi i got to point 4 which is Checking if i have this folder but when i went to program files then common files but there is no Apple folder in there?Why is that ?! But when i go to Programme filesx86 then to common files Apple folder is there?:S

  293. I get to the update of the drivers and get the following message.

    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

    There is no driver selected for the device information set or element/

    What have I done wrong and what do I need to to to fix it?

  294. Thanks, it worked like a charm!
    When I started iTunes it asked me to repair that component but choosing “yes” all seems to work 🙂

  295. Hello, this may sound stupid but how do I get to the updated files you provided in this method for itunes 10.6.3? I’m still stuck what to do, I’m not very techy lol, I’ve been reading this forum some people having success others aren’t, is this just a bug with the current itunes and will hopefully be sorted out soon or gone in the next itunes update?

    Any help would be much appreciated, this has been doing my head in the last 2 days

  296. 10.6.3 solution did NOT work for win7 x64 ultimate,

    still get the exclamation mark on
    “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver”

    Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)

    I get same problem with 64bit iTunes
    BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    64bit iTunes AMDUD works! sometimes not on first install
    but after repairing AMDUD
    i’ve been using that for my iphone 2g… and to browse thru iphone4 thru SSH however
    iphone4 os 5.1.1 will throw error requiring later version of itunes, at least 10.5 if i try
    to run itunes

    i’ve tried running latest itunes with older 10.4 AMDUD ..itunes will not allow…

    time to try different versions of 10.5

    also i have XP 32 bit with 32bit 10.6.3 .. works without a problem

  297. Is there any chance that this can be updated for 10.7? I tried and it said you need to have an updated apple mobile device support. I downloaded 10.6.3 and tried to install it, and it said that it could not open the itunes.itl file b/c i had installed 10.7.


  298. Oh brilliant thanks Aurelius!, I’m in the same boat with Brian at the moment, and i haven’t sync’ed my phone to the laptop in months!

  299. Will I have this problem every time I update iTunes? I was so thrilled when your instructions worked (thank you by the way!) but it’s so annoying that it’s happening again now that iTunes is updated!

  300. This ALMOST worked for my iPAD. I got caught by a new apple update (same as brian #353). I need the updated files for 10.7 too. Your post is excellent and I can’t believe Apple hasn’t fixed this. Thank you for your work on this. I’ll keep checking back for the updated files.

  301. thanks, will wait. hopefully itunes 11 does this differently so we don’t have to bother you after every version that comes out

  302. You are a hero!!! This is realy the one and only working solution for this problem in the hole damn web!!!
    I had a second PC with 10.7. for the correct files and it worked. The version in the reg-file had also to be changed to the one from the working PC.

    Thx a lot!!!

  303. I can’t install because it says I’m missing a key. I did try at the component level and could install everything but the ADM and iTunes would run, I just couldn’t connect my phone. I’ve since uninstalled itunes. I’m guessing once you have the 10.7 files I can just follow along your guide or do I need to install the components again and then do the guide?

  304. It worked for me before but i had the install itunes 10.7 and now this aint working… when will you have the itunes 10.7 files?

  305. Is there a trick to extracting the file structure for this so we don’t need to pester Aurelius for the update? Tried extracting the latest AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi but there are a bunch of folders in tha last fix which don’t appear to be included in there… it’s so frustraintg to have to do this hack each time iTunes gets updated, when are they going to fix this bullshit software?

    But thanks in advance Aurelius!!

  306. This seems to be a new phenomenon that people have to re-do this trick every time Apple upgrades iTunes. I’ve had this solution out since iTunes 8, and this is the first time I’ve heard reports of this. Perhaps this is a new thing?

    One possible option is to NOT upgrade iTunes. Unless there is some huge new feature they offer, in general I’m not sure I see a huge benefit with the various incremental upgrades Apple has. I might post that as part of the solution if other people report similar

    FYI I’ve never had any luck extracting the source files from the various Apple install files. The way I upload files for new versions each time is I find the already installed directory structure on a computer where it works correctly (Ironically my own system doesn’t have this issue any more, so I’m able to provide the 64-bit files from my own laptop.)

    I created this solution in December 2009, Apple STILL hasn’t resolved the issue, and now we are 362 comments and almost 3 years later, people still having this problem!

  307. I’ve always said ‘no’ to iTunes updates wherever I can, because I know I’ll only end up back on this thread again… yes, 3 years and we always end up back here for the damn fix! The problem is since upgrading to iOS 6, iTunes won’t talk to the phone any more so we need to align again. This has happened to me with pretty much every iOS major version change.

  308. I just got my itunes 10.6.3 working a month ago so that I could see my iphone 4. Now, I can’t find my newly purchased iphone 5. itunes 10.7 gets clear to the end, tells me that the driver is unknown, I say install anyway, then it rolls back and says it did not install. Now what?

  309. Hey

    Many thanks. Worked a treat . Had this problem for ages . Spent at least 3 hrs on the phone with an apple technician. They were helpful but never managed to resolve this issue.

    Anyway I have windows 7 64 bit .

    Easy to follow instructions

    Thanks again

  310. I finally got iTunes 10.7 installed. Not even sure how I did it. But I’m now getting an error that I need a newer version of Apple Mobile Device Support. You’d think if I got ver 10.7 to install w/o error, I’d have the latest AMDS. When I look at device manager, under the USB controllers, I show an Apple Mobile Device USB driver that is dated 7/12/11. Surely this is old! Please, please put the newer files out there.

  311. Never mind the drivers. I installed on a work computer and grabbed them from it, but I still get the error about needing a new AMDS. I extracted the msi files from the iTunes exe file and tried just installing the AMDS msi, but it fails and rolls back. I copied files from my work c:\program files(x86)\common files\apple\mobile device support folder and brought home to my computer, but it still doesn’t work. The Apple Mobile Device Service.exe file is dated 8/11/12. Is this not the newest? How do I find out what .exe the service is actually loading? Please help!!!

  312. Hi Aurelius, any update on new drivers? It’s a killer not being able to sync and there’s no sign of any support from Apple :/

  313. I am pleased to report that iTunes 10.7 files have been added for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. Enjoy!

  314. Thank you so much! I have spent weeks trying to fix this and your solution worked, I can now sync my ipod. Again thank you for providing this solution!

  315. Please help! I followed step by step and it says when i plug in my iphone that i need to install the latest version of apple mobile device. please i need help!

  316. Aurelius! You sir, are a god.
    Just installed iTunes 10.7 after putting it off (but iOS 6 requires the update) and your fix worked perfectly! I got a little worried because you said that if I could see “Apple Mobile Device” in the Services program, I have a different problem, but I went through your guide anyway, and it worked!

    Thanks so much for the help. I was preparing for a long struggle with iTunes. 🙂

  317. You sir- you win 1000 internets for this. I have spent way too many hours trying to resolve this. One thing though- I had no joy until I moved the “Apple” folder to the x86 side. You had mentioned that the later versions of 64 bit were now installed in the regular Program Files folder, but I couldn’t start the service until I moved it.

    Now it works a treat and I will never update again, until the next time Apple forces me to.


  318. This solution worked for me last time but not this time. It’s not creating the Mobile Device Support folder even when I’m downloading the Drivers folder. I have the 64-bit version, if I go into Program Files(x86) there is still a Mobile Device Support folder in there but not in Program Files. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

  319. It works (thanks a gazillion), but I frequently have to insert the iPod multiple times and switch to different USB ports to get Windows to recognize it. The link in post #384 is helpful.

  320. Thank you so much for this. Hours spent on apple forums and no luck and your solution worked. Thank you

  321. Can someone help me… These steps worked perfectly fine before. Now it says I need to install the newest version of Apple Mobile Device… I don’t know what to do anymore.

  322. I think I love you. Will you marry me? I had spent HOURS trying to get 10.7 on my Win 7 64 bit laptop. Thanks so much. Paypal money coming your way.

  323. Aurelius, I’d like to echo the sentiments of most of the other posters here and say that you are a genius! I have spent hours on the phone with Apple, first with numerous techs then a senior tech who tried everything to help me and then escalated the problem to the engineers. In the end they concluded that the problem wasn’t with Apple but with Windows/Asus (surprise bloody surprise). At my wits end, I came across your blog and followed the instructions for use with Windows 7/iTunes 10.7 and it worked, my iPhone syncs! I am amazed.

    The problem now is that I since installing 10.7, I have lost my Personal Hotspot Connection (usb internet tethering). When I connect and switch it on, it tells me that the driver is not working. Please help!!

  324. Hi Aurelius, thank you so much, you really are a genius! I spent hours on the phone to Apple Techs then a Senior Tech who then escalated the problem to the Apple Engineers who came back and told me it was a Windows problem (surprise bloody surprise). I followed your instructions and my iPhone now syncs with iTunes 10.7 (Windows 7).

    My problem now is that I can’t get my Personal Hotspot Connection (USB Internet tethering) to work. It seems I’m missing the driver 😦 Any ideas??

  325. Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing months of hard work due to no data backup.
    Do you have any methods to protect against hackers?

  326. Hi Aurelius, the same problem’s still there with itunes 11. hope you’ll post the fix soon 🙂 till then im gonna sit tight and wait very very patiently… (you must be getting tired of this….apple should be giving you free a mac or something! all the best mate!)

  327. Hey Aurelius thanks a lot for your help.

    Any idea how I can get my personal hotspot connection (USB internet tethering) to work again ?

  328. After months and months of trying everything else out there, this finally worked for me. I can’t thank you enough.

  329. It says “Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it”. What do I do now?

  330. The only problem I am having is with the portable device step(Step6). Its not giving me the option to Update the Driver software. All it says is Open, Import, shortcut, and properties. Did I do something wrong?

  331. You sir, ROCK, I followed these steps, then removed and re-installed iTunes…no more problems. This was for 11.0.1, as I had a BSOD when 11.0 was being installed, screwing up the registry and the files.

  332. Hi Aurelious,
    Kudos and thanks to you.
    We have Windows 7 Premium Itunes 8/1/1/01, not recognisizing (synching) with Ipod Touch, Will this fix work?

    BTW My hate for Apple continues.
    Big Fail Apple.Rotten to the core.

  333. After trying many suggestions, I think your solution is the only one to work that can be found on the net. -= SOLVED =-

    Thanks for posting!!

  334. As great as that support you offered it does not resolve the conflict on Windows 7 64 bit. The issue cannot be repaired. Apple developers must be the worse or laziest whichever approach you prefer id rolling out software. It is not extremely difficult to include in every new release all drivers for all Apple’s devices. This is why I cannot stand Apple products they are complete cr@p and so is their support/developers. I can roll out new software that runs 100% more efficient while taking a dump.

  335. K, I am about to throw in the towel after 12 hrs of trying to get this working….will this work for Windows 7, itunes 10 and an ipod (4th generation nano)?
    Thanks for all your notes on this, it is inspiring!

  336. I tried it…it said it was installed successfully but it still gives me the same message that windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers…..

  337. -= SOLVED =- You are a guru … after trying many suggestions, I think your solution is the ONLY one to work that can be found on the internet. Our company IT spent 2 days creating new windows profile and installing new deployment image then he failed to get the iTunes running. Thanks heaps.

  338. Hey, it does not work with me 😦

    I got W7 – 32 bit, I followed your steps… but when i have to update Ipod driver it starts, but after a second it stops and says that there has been an error.

    any idea? have update all documents to the latest itunes verision?

    thank you very much though 😉

  339. wow! Thank you so much. It worked – FINALLY! I’ve een trying different things for quite a while. Thanks for being so clear!

  340. My itunes installation always stops at the publishing product information stage for the apple mobile device and I have searched for a long time for fixes and have yet to find one. do you have any suggestions?

  341. Wow! It worked, I’ve lost count of the amount of different workarounds I’ve tried, but this one actually works – thank you so much, I only wish I’d found this post sooner. It really shouldn’t be this hard to install iTunes and for it to recognise your iPhone – be that as it may this is a fantastic help, can’t thank you enough.

  342. Brilliant! This worked for me on WIndows XP too. I had just about given up on iTunes but I’m back in action again – thanks!

  343. I am only gonna say “incredible man!!!” – you have saved so much time and headaches for so much people 🙂
    Keep the files files updated for the new versions of the iTunes.
    thenka again amazing 😉

  344. not helping me cause the 64 bit itunes on a 64 bit windows sucks i would like to have it as a 32 bit WTF do i do? and i do not have my old 32 bit computer anymore

  345. Jyst FYI, I just completed these steps with the same issue on Windows 7 64 bit and iTunes 11.0.1 and it worked. I copied the necessary files from another machine running Win7 64 and iTunes 11.0.1, and used the .reg files found above. You ROCK!! Thanks a million.

  346. It worked! Thanks! i was having issues loading Itunes so that I could sync my IPad on to my Dell mini Inspiron but I followed all the intructions exactly and it worked.

  347. Just another did bit of information. If you have downloaded the iTunes64Setup.exe file from apple, you can just change the .exe file extension to .rar . Use winrar to extract the files there and then run the AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi file. The new apple installer will install the entire file for you but it’s going to try to start the service and fail. It’s going to ask you if you want to abort, retry, or ignore. Don’t click anything yet. Go to C://ProgramFiles(x86)/CommonFiles/Apple/ and copy the Mobile Device Support folder from there and save it somewhere else. Now once you either ignore or abort, Apple’s installer will “rollback” and remove the files for AMDS that it just installed. But luckily for you, you made a copy of all the necessary files before it could delete them. So copy the Mobile Device Support folder back into the Apple folder and you should be good to go. If not, I imagine you will need to complete steps 6 and 7, but I’m not sure because my iPhone and iTunes worked perfectly after doing what I described!

  348. I tried this, and everything else that I found on the internet, CCleaner, reinstall, registry, all of it, install the files separately from each other, but none of them worked! 😦
    When I try to install iTunes still gives me the message “Apple Mobile Device failed to start….” and when I try to open iTunes the message that appears is this “iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes. Error 7 (Windows error 14001)”.
    Oh, and also I’m my Windows Update it’s not working, error 80070002. Also tried to fix this, but no success.
    I’ve got 2 ipods and without the iTunes they are practically usuless :/

  349. Since this post still seems active, I’d like to report my failed result and the cause I found(no solution though): I have a Win7 64 Ultimate and when I tried to install the driver for Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, either using the driver provided by the author, or using the native one provided by Apple (I think they are actually the same one) located in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers”, I got the error code 52, can’t verify the digital signature, as already mentioned by some other people in the comments.

    I searched online and it seems that the Win7 64 Ultimate is forcing to use the digital signature, which Apple refuses to use, for all the drivers. And people say there is pretty nothing we can do about that, except maybe you can try to sign the driver by your own if you purchased the digital certificate which is normally only bought by commercial SW company (don’t know whether it will work).

    One way to verify this cause is, restart Windows and press F8, select “disable driver signature enforcement” in the advanced boot menu, which will guide you to a Windows session that temporarily disables the verification of digital signature. Here you can install the driver correctly and iTunes correctly finds the your iPad(only Apple device I have, and after this incident, I plan to stick with that). But it is too soon to feel relieved: we obviously can’t press F8 every time we boot the system. And whenever you go to the normal boot, which will again enable signature enforcement, your driver won’t be working again. So it seems this is really an irreconcilable situation (one common solution provided online which states to disable signature enforcement doesn’t work for me).

    BTW on my work laptop which runs Win7 64 Enterprise it doesn’t have this problem. Only happens for my Win7 64 Ultimate edition.

  350. Hi, this didn’t work for me on 32-bit with iTunes 11.02. I follow all your steps, but still get exactly the same error. Is it because the 32-bit directory is only for iTunes 10.7?

  351. Hi All,

    Many thanks to Aurelius for showing me to the right direction. Aurelius’ solution didn’t exactly fixed the problem for me – I had to do some more digging to fix it – but the Mobile Device Support folder that he provided was very useful indeed.

    For anyone else that can’t get the problem fixed, try reading this solution
    In my case, I followed the initial instructions given by the blogger, then I finished it with the solution in the comments section provided by Alexander (Dec 22nd 2012).

    Good luck guys!

    PS: To Aurelius – Once again, thank you sooo much! SALUTE!

  352. I’m pleased to report that I have updated the 32-bit files to the latest version of iTunes, iTunes 11.0.2.

  353. Aurelius,

    When I try to extract the files for the Mobile Device Directory to my 64-bit program files for iTunes 11.0.2 it gives me an error saying that it is unable to create those directories… any words of wisdom. This all just happened to my computer earlier today and it is really frustrating. Tried uninstalling everything and now it just wont install Apple Mobile Device Support on my windows 7 laptop any more. WTF??

  354. It seems perhaps you don’t have permissions to that folder. Are you an administrator on your computer?

  355. I should be because it is my own personal laptop and my profile is the only one on the computer. Is there something different I should be doing? I do notice that you only have the iTunes version 11.0.1 for the 64-bit windows (which I have) but I am trying to install the latest iTunes which is 11.0.2, will you be able to have the links to this version up soon? Maybe that is the problem?

  356. It’s very possible that the directory is set to “read only”. Four years ago I had this same problem on one PC, before Windows 7. Somehow, even though it was my laptop, the permissions for the iTunes folder needed was set to “Read Only”. Since I’ve gone to a Mac I’ve not had the same problem, but, after getting it installed once on my WinXP machine I had no further problems.

    I’ll leave it to you to Google how to set permissions on your Win7 machine. Hopefully that’ll let things happen.

    Sent from my iPhone

  357. Try right-clicking the folder you want to put in and choose “Open as Administrator.” Or Shift+Right-Click if you don’t see it. If you have User Account Control turned on, the permissions might not allow you to put files in it.

  358. I was able to go through the steps that you outlined but the problem is that I cannot install AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi on my computer. After originally uninstalling all iTunes related programs and then re-installing iTunes, I cannot install install this service that is responsible for recognizing my iphone. I had extracted all the iTunes installer files with WinRAR and everything re-installed except applemobiledevicesupport. Every time I try to install it, the installer runs and then gets to a point where it “Rolls back action” and it says an error occured and the program was not installed. SO FRUSTRATING!!!.

  359. Ben, I don’t think you are following my instructions correctly. If you were, you should not have to use that .msi file. The instructions are specifically designed to solve that “rolling back action” problem. I suggest you uninstall iTunes and start over with my instructions.

  360. I have re-worked through the steps you provided above. Upon installing iTunes, copying the support documents, updating the registries, updating the driver softwear, restarting the computer and restarting iTunes back up, I still receive the error that says Apple Mobile Device and iTunes needs to be uninstalled and re-installed. The Apple Mobile Device service is showing up as installed now but will not start, when trying to start it, I receive and error 2: The system cannot find the file specified….. I just can’t win.

  361. I still think it isn’t working for me because the links your are providing for 64-bit windows is for iTunes version 11.0.1 and the most recent version is 11.0.2. Do you have the links for 64-bit windows iTunes version 11.0.2?

  362. ok, here s the problem:
    after step 5, I can’t find any service about Apple MObile Device…
    then at step 6, I can t install drivers…. it says that an error has occurred

    any idea?.

  363. UPDATE for my problem:

    so I am glad that AMDS servicee is installed now. but I can t install the drivers… it just doesn t want to install

  364. I think the 64 bit zip file you provided is incomplete…The .exe doesn’t appear to be in it, and thus the error Ben mentions “The system cannot find the file specified”

  365. I too wonder if the 64 bit zip file is incomplete. I followed your instructions but am still getting an error. When I look at the number of files within the 64 bit zip it only contains 9 files where the 32 bit has over 100 files. I too have the new iTunes 11.0.2

    Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

  366. I cant extract the files to the apple folder it says cannot create folder and something in finnish help me please!

  367. Hi all,
    I have updated the drivers to the latest 11.0.2 for 64-bit Windows. I also added a step because it seems they have moved the “Drivers” folder for 64-bit to a different location. Give it a shot now and see if it seems to work for you!
    NOTE: if you are looking for an .exe or .msi file to install the files, you are NOT folling the instructions correctly. You should not be installing anything with these steps, you are manually copying over the files.

  368. Hi Aurelius,
    Thanks so much for these instructions. I only had to load the files, drivers, and change the registries and then my IPod Touch worked without having to doing anything further. Thanks – I was getting so frustrated! What I don’t understand is that my IPod worked fine with my computer I think until I downloaded the latest ITunes 11 (also use my AC charger often) without my IPod being connected to the computer. Anyway, it seems to be sorted now.
    Thanks, Sandy

  369. Please help now. These directions worked the first time, but then while buying books via ITunes, it asked if I wanted to update my ITouch with the latest software and I did. Now these directions won’t work to get my computer to recognize my ITouch. When I plug it in, after following the instructions which worked the first time, I fet the following error: USB Device Not Recognized. What now?

  370. P.S. My IPod Touch has version 6.1 (10B144) loaded but there is an update which I cannot currently load since I cannot connect it to my computer…

  371. Awesome… I was just about to take the Apple out of my life and try out the Windows Surface… I’m not bad on computers but this was the most frustrating problem I had in 20 years on computers… til you came along and helped me out…
    Thanks so much

  372. Hi, I follow your instructions but when I try to update drivers I get a message saying ‘Windows could not find driver software for your device’. I looked in the drivers folder and the files are there. I’ve spent hours trying to sort this out, I’m nearly there.

  373. Hi Aurelius, and thanks. After a year of insanely repeating Apple support and other forums, I stumbled on your fix. It makes so much sense, only it doesn’t work for me and I think I know why, although I can’t figure out how to do it. The drivers for my itouch show up in the proper folders, but they are not visible when I try to upgrade them. Is there any way around this I can do manually? BtW, I don’t regret the time I spent on your advice; at least with it I never felt closer to succeeding. Larry

  374. Oh my goodness thank you so much! I’d been struggling for months installing and uninstalling iTunes to try and connect my phone….. This has worked! Thanks 🙂

  375. Hi, i’ve followed each step and its been going smoothly. However at the 7th step when its installing the driver i get this message. “windows found driver software but encountered an error while attempting to install it.
    Apple mobile Device USB Driver
    The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
    If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for the driver software.”

    I’ve been trying to fix this whole itunes problem for days now and to get so close to solving it is killing me!

    please help as soon as you can 🙂

  376. hope you guys can help me.. please look at this

    i don’t know what to do anymore.. hope someone can help me.. (T_T)

  377. Tried it twice! First I did exactly like the procedures given, after rebooting, I have run itunes64 installer but still got the efing roll back thing, Then I uninstall itunes again, removed all apple inc. published folder, then did the exact steps again. After step 7, I didnt reboot my laptop, and ran the itunes installer again. AND THANK GOD AND THANK YOU IT WORKED!! Whoever did this, sir, if you want an iphone come and see me. ❤ Thank you sooo much. It's 2.36am now, and I can go to bed happily

  378. Thanx a lot. I didn’t have to perform all the steps but the endresult is that i can sync my ipad. The stupid apple answer was that I had to buy new cables! You’r explenation worked great for me. Now I still have to do my wifes and daughters computers.

    Why doedn’t apple just make it work? Apple was all about the user experience. Perhaps not for windows users? Or is it just that when more people use your stuff more problems rise?

    Anyway thanx again for the help. You solved my problems. I just was a dumb device in your skilled hands!

  379. Thank you very much. I tested a lot of “solutions” prior to accessing this one. It is not only a solution it is also an explanation on why the problem occurred and a step-by-step solution.

  380. Hi,

    Followed your steps and managed to download the latest iTunes, and then added the amds. However, everytime I connect my ipad I get the message that I need a later version of amds and to delete it, and iTunes and re-install.

    However, when I click on properties of the amds and update, it says I have the latest version. The amds only shows under the serial bus category when my ipad is connected. I’m wondering if it’s just checking to see if I have the latest driver on that and not on my c drive.

    How do I find the one in the apple files and update it, or can I?



    this is the 4th time i’ve used your instructions & thankfully available downloads to fix my itunes & apple mobile device service install issues..
    somehow, each time i think updating to the latest itunes will finally work, only to find that i encounter the apple mobile device service install rollback.. and each time i scour the web looking for your fix.. i have finally bookmarked your page & hope that you continue to provide this fix until the issue is properly fixed by apple or microsoft, whichever is actually causing the installation rollback..
    thanks again & you can be sure you will receive a donation from me for continuing to help me out with this.
    – st

  382. Thanks so much man! You really did a great job for this. A lot of Apple users really got a positive output following your SOLUTION for this issue with the iTunes. Even though I am currently using an iPhone 5, OS 6.1.4 (just recently updated), your solution still works for me.
    Actually, before the updating my OS from 6.1.3 to 6.1.4, everything in iTunes works fine for my phone. But after updating, here comes the issue.

    Thanks so much again. Your links and downloads are all working fine, and your instructions are very well-said and easy to follow.

    Cheers! 😉


  383. I’m more than happy to discover this great site. I wanted to thank you for your time just for this wonderful read!! I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have you saved as a favorite to see new things on your web site.

  384. I tried this solution and it still didn’t work, so I figured I might have messed up a step. I decided to start all over by uninstalling Itunes and ALL apple programs. Additionally, I DELETED the following folders C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple, then ran CCleaner to wipe the registry. I rebooted the computer and reinstalled Itunes (as administrator). IT INSTALLED PERFECTLY!!! 😀

  385. you absolutely saved my live. From now, every time i’ll listen to mi ipod i’ll rise my eyes to the sky and i’ll say “thank you, misterious internet guy”

  386. Hi from Paris,
    I’ve the same pb as Vicki: I get an error while installing the drivers,
    I get this message. “windows found driver software but encountered an error while attempting to install it.
    Apple mobile Device USB Driver
    The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
    If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for the driver software.”


  387. Did not try your solution, wanted a long term one. After few ours discovered the problem for me, Blackberry Desktop 7 application. Uninstalled it and afterwards could install mobile device support without a problem.

  388. I have never hated Apple as much as I do now. This was so so good to finally come across. Have had the new mini for ages and no itunes, the product bundling bastards. Thanks so much for this. Good karma!

  389. Thanks a million!!!! I took me hours to solve this and nothing worked! I had the “64 bit version not installed” issue when I plugged it in. So happy now! Thanks again!

  390. 11.0.2 drivers will not work for my 11.0.4 download. I keep getting “access denied, cannot create drivers, the system cannot find the path specified.” I’ve tried this with previous itunes downloads and your method has worked. I am so bummed! Has anyone else had this problem? What can I do?

  391. Hi,

    I’m sorry if my issue might be unrelated to this thread but I’m already at my wits’ end.

    Daily log files inside the folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs keep on growing every day. I noticed this when the log file was about 1.8GB (to think that it’s just a txt file!) while I was running a defrag. I deleted the (previous day’s) log successfully but then the (current day) log for the day again grew large. I just deleted yesterday’s log file which was 8GB! The stupefying thing is that I was not running any Apple software much less synching any device at any time!

    I know that this “growing-log-file-issue” is related to the AppleMobileDeviceService (tried to delete current day log which was already at 500MB but was only successful after I stopped the AppleMobileDeviceService) which is why I’m posting this here.

    Hope you could help me find out what’s happening so I could stop this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

  392. Hey I tried this but my problem is that I don’t have an Apple folder in my normal Program Files/CommonFiles

  393. There are no words to describe how thankful I am that you took the time to solve this problem and post this!! I have been trying to fix this problem for over a year, and these directions allowed me to fix it in 5 minutes. Thank you so much!

  394. Holy Cow………We were on the brink of despair…….and you brought us back. Made a small donation. Come on people……pay this person!!

  395. IT WORKED! I had 11.04 installed, so uninstalled and downloaded 11.02 from Filehippo and followed your instructions. Got till the part where I had to update my iPhone driver in Device Manager where Windows couldn’t find a driver in the folder you mentioned. Skipped that step but it worked for me in the end!

  396. Im having the same issue as Tony above. “windows found driver software but encountered an error while attempting to install it.
    Apple mobile Device USB Driver
    The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
    If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for the driver software.”

    Are there any solutions at this step (Step 7)?

    Thanks in advance,

  397. YOU ROCK! After a long day of losing everything on my computer and having a hard time with just about everything. This worked and made my day. 🙂 Thank You

  398. I have windows 7 home premium, 32 bit. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all apple components more times then I can count. I have run registry cleaner that is part of Norton 360. I have followed your instructions and have found that I can connect my itouch or iphone only once right after start-up and never both of them during the same startup session. If I eject and try to reconnect a few minutes later it shows up in Device Manager under USB but with a yellow triangle. When I try to load the drives (C – programs-common files, etc.) it will not load it. If I try to update online it says the drives are up-to-date but they won’t load. In looking at the files downloaded on initial install of iTunes-11 (i.e. all the files and folders in Mobile Device Support of the iTunes 11) they are exactly the same as those within your 32-bit zip file Mobile Device Support file, even the registry values are the same so I do not understand what your file differences are or where to go from here. The drivers will not download and hold. Can you help?

  399. thank you so much for this, just endured a crap day after having phone stolen and finishing with this error, saved! thanks!

  400. Did not work at first with iTunes 11.0.4. Like “Yeaka” I got it to work with iTunes 11.0.2 from Filehippo. Thanks for this detailed guidance!

  401. I can’t find and portable folder or any apple folder in my universal series bus controllers.. please help me

  402. I had my doubts but you really nailed it. I had exactly the issues that you described and your tutorial worked perfectly. I do want to mention one thing: In step 4…
    64-BIT ONLY STEP: If you have 32-bit Windows, skip this step. It seems that Apple has put the “Drivers” in a separate location (don’t know why). You will need to download the drivers separately. Please click here to download the files for 64-bit Windows.
    Once downloaded, you need to Unzip it to this directory. IMPORTANT: Make sure you unzip the CONTENTS of the zip file, don’t just copy over the zip file:
    Unzip to: C:\Program FIles\Common Files\Apple
    …I did not have an Apple folder in that location, even though I’m running Win7 64-Bit. Instead of skipping this step, I created a folder called “Apple” and extracted the files to it as you described. This worked.
    Perhaps this is peculiar only to my system. Otherwise, you may want to update that step and let people know they may need to create an Apple folder.
    Thank you very much!

  403. I was very happy to discover this great site.
    I want to to thank you for your time for this fantastic read!!
    I definitely liked every bit of it and I have you bookmarked to
    see new information on your web site.

  404. It didn’t work! And then I decided to take my time and actually follow the steps and what do you know?! It worked, even for me! [Running: imac/bootcamp win7 -ipod touch 4th gen]

  405. Thank you so much! This worked for me on an Acer with Windows Pro 64 bit and a new Ipad gen 4! Spent all day trying to overcome lots of problems. This detailed fix took care of the problem – several years after original post!!

  406. Thank you very much for your time spent in writing this detailed instruction. Not only that, but you provided the necessary links and everything I needed last night. It worked perfectly. I thanked God for you last night after having spent many hours trying to resolve my situation and I found your note and followed through and now I am back in business. Thanks again and may the Lord bless you abundantly with His blessings like no one can.
    Fr. Miguel of Alabama

  407. Hi Aurelius, Could you please upload files for itunes 11.1. Badly need it. Thank you for all your help in advance.

  408. Thank you for trying to give a solution for this problem!
    I followed all the steps until the installation of the driver at step 7. It doesn’t work because it says the file is missing despite having put it in the right place. I think everything got messed up since the introduction of IOS7 and the itunes update (it was synchronizing fine last week until I tried to update the damn iTunes), I don’t know if it’s related but it really annoys me. So many people keep saying Apple is the best etc etc, but so far it’s ALWAYS a pain is the *** when trying to either restore or update the iPhone.

  409. I’ve been trying to use your solution, but haven’t had any luck. I’ve gotten as far as iTunes and all other components installed, except AMDS. Now the weird thing is that AMDS is showing up in services, and drivers are located in both Program Files and Program Files (x86), but it doesn’t appear in add/remove programs.
    Perhaps the issue is that I’m trying to install iTunes 11.1 (which I have been told by Apple support I will need in order to sync my iPhone 4S if I upgrade it to iOS 7–which I’ve been dying to do). If new files are needed for 11.1 and you are able to upload them, I would be so grateful. I’ve been on the phone twice with Apple Support, and my case has been “elevated” twice. Waiting to hear back from their Engineering Department (but I don’t think they’ll be able to fix it). Spent a total of 4.5 hours on phone with them, with no solution in site.

    Running Windows Ultimate 64 bit.
    iPod Touch 4G
    iPhone 4S

    Thank you,

  410. I am really thankful for all your efforts in posting this solution here, which I was greatly helped before.
    Now that the issue is happening to me again with iTunes update to 11.1 I came back. Waiting for the new files 🙂

  411. Good news friends, new files for 11.1.1 have been posted! Both 32 and 64-bit are updated. Good luck!

  412. Aurelius, you’re amazing. Can’t thank you enough. I’m not exaggerating the slightest when I tell you I’d been working on this for several hours a day for three weeks, including two phone calls to Apple Support (which ate up my cell phone minutes–twice) which resulted in stumping two advisors and two of their IT experts. On the last call, the second IT expert said she would elevate my case to their engineering department and I’d hear back from them in 2-3 days. That was a week ago, and they never got back to me.
    With your updated 11.1.1 files, your solution worked like a charm without any hitches at all.

    I should mention one thing, in case this throws other people off. Even though everything is now working perfectly, AMDS will not show up in add/remove programs, nor even in Revo Uninstaller Pro. I’m assuming this is because of the work-around method and I’m not bothered by it. Just wanted to share that info with others. BTW, AMDS does show up in services.
    Apple was kind enough not to charge me for any of their support, so as soon as I have some extra cash I’m going to donate here.
    Thank you again! I can finally have some fun with iOS 7.
    Erik C.

  413. I’ve been trying to extract the 64 bit iTunes 11.1.1 (the first file) but have no luck. 7-zip returns an error message that that most of the files can’t be opened, and Winzip seems to recognize a lot of files as corrupted or missing. Anyone having the same trouble?

  414. So glad to hear it worked for you! I’ve heard numerous similar stories about Apple support bit being able to figure this out. Maybe someday they will see my blog. 🙂
    Yes you are right about AMDS. It is a manual install so it won’t show on add/remove programs. Shouldn’t hurt anything.

  415. I’m having trouble with the driver installing. It will find the driver but it says “There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.” Any ideas for a solution to this one?

  416. Trang, try extracting it to a familiar location where you can find it such as your desktop or downloads folder. Then copy the AMDS folder over to the common files. It wouldn’t let me extract them directly because they require administrator permission. Hope this helps.

  417. what if my iPhone5 is in recovery mode thanks to the activation issues after the beta ending yesterday? Same procedure even though it doesn’t switch on and needs to be rebooted using firmware version of 7.0.2?

  418. My computer wont let me extract either of the new directories into their location because the folders already exist in those locations. It wont let me manually delete the folders either to add the new ones either. Any idea how to fix this?

    Windows 7 64 bit

  419. Thanks again for your support! I did everything from the beginning while thoroughly following the Apple support for a clean uninstall first, but I always get stuck at step 7. When I want to update the iPhone driver so it can be recognized again by itunes, it says there is an error while trying to install the driver because the file is missing. So my last resort would be to format my computer and do a clean install of everything. I think I might try that, or just throw my phone to the bin. Up to this point, I think the problem might be with Windows 8 and not iTunes anymore, seeing as your solution works for quite a lot of people ^^

  420. I overcame that problem from the Task manager window. It should say something like “the file is used by Apple Mobile Device” if you have the same problem as me. So the way to solve that is, to first open the task manager and then go to the services tab. Then press the button in the bottom right with the shield icon, find “Apple Mobile Device” in the window that opens and disable it.
    By doing that the computer should no longer give you the error message when you try to remove the old files.

    Hope it helps 😀

    P.S. I’m wondering if I should delete the old registry entries or not, those I wrote with the older version files proposed in this page. Also if I should, how to.

  421. I would not delete registry entries unless it is causing you a problem. Usually doing that gets you in more trouble than it helps.

  422. Aurelius, Thank you very much.If I have started having fun with iOS7, it is because of you. You saved me for the second time with AMDS problem. None of the fixes work for me other than yours.

    May your life be filled abundant happiness. Thank you again!

  423. I have windows 8 64 bit and I have followed everything you have posted up until the end. When I am trying to update the driver software, I don’t seem to have a ‘Drivers’ folder in the ‘Mobile Device Support’ that i unzipped.

  424. Did you follow step 4? You should unzip the file to c:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple. That .zip file does contain a drivers sub-folders, so make sure you are unzipping the right file to the right place

  425. No, I did miss that step. However, I have unzipped those files into the Mobile Device Support folder and now when updating the driver software I get this message:
    “Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. The configuration registry database is corrupt.”

    I hate this so much. I was thinking of just reformatting my computer and starting fresh but I’m also having a problem reformatting this piece of junk Asus!

  426. I got the following problem after restarting the computer

    “Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)”

    I had followed the step by step instructions and after the reboot, i still unable to find the device in iTunes. When go back to Device Manager, i see the above error. Can anyone help me?? Thanks a lot in advance.

  427. I had the same problem with my Ipod in windows 8, and after a lot of reading and trying I solve the problem with an easy solution:
    1. Download the following software:
    2. Install syncios in your windows 8 pc or laptop
    3. Open syncios, if a message appears saying you have to close Itunes, dismiss it.
    4. Open Itunes, and it should recognized your Ipod now.

    Note: You have to do this every time you need to conect your Ipod to the computer.

    Good Luck everyone

  428. Thank-you very much for your solution. Nothing else I tried would work but after following your instructions everything is fine. Not sure why this happened in the first place, and hope it doesn’t happen again.

  429. Jane says, I´m done with Sergio… he he… Your very welcome Jane, I don´t know why this happens, but for what I heard Itunes works allright with windows 8 64 bits..

    Have a great day and enjoy your music now…..

  430. Aw man…now itunes 11.1.2 is out. I won’t even attempt to update until you come out with new files for this version. Thanks for the great work!

  431. Exactly, I´ve been keeping my old version of Itunes, at least until I can find another solution for this problem. For what I could read, the problem is that Mycrosoft doesn´t want Apple stuff to work on Windows… Stupid idea… but well… If I find anything new that works on the new updates of Itunes, I´ll let you guys know.
    Have a great one!!!!!!!!!!!

  432. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!! Although I had to take other steps, which I’ll explain below, this worked GREAT for me! I couldn’t get Apple Mobile Device Support installed after trying for a few weeks! When I tried your steps, I had to first ‘Change Permissions’ in the Apple directory because it was set to ‘Read Only’ after the install of iTunes. After getting my iPod to show up under the USB (and I had the problem with ‘Not digitally signed’ issue), I was able to install just the Apple Mobile Device Support 64 which took care of the driver issue. Still the iPod did not show up in iTunes, so I did a ‘repair’ with no luck. Next I ran the diagnostics in iTunes under the ‘Help’ menu. This allowed the iPod to be seen and NOW everything seems to be working fine! Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

    Just about ready to give up on this after trying MANY things! THANKS AGAIN FOR THE GREAT SITE!!!!

  433. Hi, I ran into a problem with the author’s instructions near the last part under Step 7. I looked in the Device Manager and my iPhone did not appear in any device category. I did not have a Portable Devices section, and I checked under all other device sections and the iPhone did not appear.

    Under the Control Panel/View Devices and Printers, after I plug in my iPhone I see a new Unspecified section with the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver, but under Hardware Properties there is no Device functions listed and the Properties button is disabled so there is no way to update the driver.

    I installed from iTunes ver which I found on a random internet download site (most now have 11.1.13).

    I am running Windows 8.1 64-bit edition, fresh install. I have two other computers with Windows 7 and the iPhone is seen OK by iTunes on both the older machines.

  434. Ultramarine, did you try different USB ports? It sounds like you might have a USB problem, or cable problem?

  435. Aurelius, yes, I tried different USB ports (about 5 so far). I believe the USB cable is OK since I have a 2nd computer with Windows 7 and the iPhone connects OK and the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver appears normal on the Win7 machine.

    If you suspect a USB problem, this Windows 8 computer is a brand-new build (I just built the computer myself), so I will check BIOS settings for the USB ports. The other USB devices I have work ok, so not clear on why the Apple device would have an issue. For example to test the USB ports I tried an external USB hard drive and it connected with no issue.

    Other details: My iPhone is a 4s model. I am still running iOS 6. On my computer, I rebooted after the registry and Program files changes, before trying to connect the iPhone.

  436. Hmm…you might have a different, unrelated problem then. Some people have had some success uninstalling and removing all signs of ITunes and the apple device, then start over on the instructions.

  437. Aurelius, I tried something different and was then able to get through Step 7 in your instructions. I plugged in a USB hub to my computer (a powered hub), then plugged the iPhone into the hub. At that point the iPhone was then recognized by Windows 8.1 and I was able to see the phone under Portable Devices in the Device Manager, as described in your repair instructions above.

    I then went to update the driver and looked to the driver folder listed in your instructions, and the Device Manager indicated my driver was current, so no update was made.

    However, if I plug the iPhone directly back into any of the computer’s USB ports, the same problem I had earlier occurs.

    The only adjustment I had to make to your instructions was to add a powered USB hub to my computer, then plug the iPhone into that hub port, then everything works.

    I’m not a USB expert so I cannot explain why this works. As a note I did update my motherboard BIOS right before this solution was found, and the bios update was supposed to update USB drivers. But doing my motherboard bios update did not fix the issue.

    Looking at my Apple Mobile Device USB properties, I see the driver is provided by Apple and is dated from 12/12/2012, version 6.0.9999.65. I am considering updating this driver but will wait to give you a chance to reply with any questions or suggestions.

  438. it started pretty good however as soon as it started installing it said
    ” windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it
    apple mobile device usb driver
    the data is invalid.
    if you know the manufacture of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for your driver section “

  439. I will, I just need to get around to updating the file. Also, I like to wait now a bit between updates as Apple is putting out new releases so frequently, it’s nice to only update every few iterations.

  440. Thanks! You know, that’s a good question. I don’t know the exact error. Ironically, a couple years ago I got a new computer that no longer has this issue, so I can’t even test to find the error. I maintain this page still though as there are hundreds of people a day suffering from this. Glad it was helpful to you, thank you for the donation!

  441. “I will, I just need to get around to updating the file. Also, I like to wait now a bit between updates as Apple is putting out new releases so frequently, it’s nice to only update every few iterations.”

    OK, makes sense. Just glad to know you’re still involved.

  442. I don’t have the “drivers” folder in the “Mobile Device Support” folder. Please help! Thank you.

  443. It has the error sign on the apple device thing in the Device Manager window, I have windows 7 iTunes version is, sorry for commenting so much, but really need to put some things on my iPad.

  444. I wish i found this solution earlier… I have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes so many times today and all of its components and everything related to apple, just so i could restore my iphone4 and sync my 5s to my computer. I used uninstallers and all this random crap, but nothing worked except this. BOUT TIME. You sir, deserve a job at apple, if you don’t already have one. Im a computer tech, but i focus on hardware and basic software. and now I am happy. Kudos to you. *clap clap clap* Now I can move on with life. 🙂

  445. Hi, Fyi when you receive “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process” when attempting to replace the files, you just need to Kill the apple processes that are putting a lock on the folders / files. No need to uninstall / reboot…
    Using the task manager (right click on taskbar), select and “End Process” for:
    – Apple Mobile Device
    – Bonjour Service
    – Ipod Service
    Optional: Check “Run” > Msconfig > Services, for Services with Manufacturer “Apple” if you are unsure of the services name in your own windows local language.
    Optional: you can also disable/stop the same services directly in the service manager “Run” > Services.msc

  446. C’est très gentil de faire ce blog pour nous amateur en informatique. Seulement j’ai un problème il m’affiche comme quoi mon periphérique est mieux que celui que vous nous proposez et refuse donc de l’installer.
    S’il vous plait aidez moi.

  447. Thank for the sharing solution. It worked well for me ( iPad mini with Retina display, Window 7, iTune

  448. After few days of working with my laptop (windows7) iphone 5 and itunes, you made it work again. I was about to give up but thanks to you all is well!

  449. I have Windows 8 and the newest version of Itunes (
    I had issues installing Apple mobile device support but then I ran into this article and now my laptop recognises properly my iphone 5s.
    I have now another issue: as I plug the iPhone it is recognised and iTunes opens automatically, but then iTunes freezes and I have to close it via task manager. Ditto if I try to put the iPhone into recovery mode.
    Any hints?

  450. iTunes is freezing now also for me, because this website offers files for iTunes 11.1.1. Could you update files for iTunes, please? I should not have updated from 11.1.1, because everything was working already.

  451. Well, thanks at lot. The iPad is not detected buy iTune. Finally my problem solved with install the apple Mobile device usb Driver with “usbaapl64.inf”.

  452. Excellent posting. I became looking at constantly this kind of site with this particular amazed! Invaluable details especially the shutting down segment 🙂 My partner and i take care of these kinds of facts lots. I was looking for this unique info for a long time. Thanks and best associated with fortune.

  453. for those of you who are having trouble when updating to 11.1.4, this temporary fix (until he updates) download itunes 11.1.1 from and install itunes 11.1.1, the drivers and everything should work with that.

    IF you have further problems with your itunes library because you downgraded to 11.1.1 and it can’t read your itunes library because “it was created with a newer version of itunes” go to this site with the solution for that

    Hope that helps anyone for now.

  454. Thank you so much!!! I was going crazy trying to find a solution for this!! you are my favorite person right now!!

  455. All went fine until the last step – then it said it couldn’t find a driver for my device 😦

  456. Thank you so much – I haven’t seen iTunes for weeks. This was the only solution that worked. Amazing!

  457. Dear Aurelius, Thank you very much for upgrading the fix to 11.1.4 with 64 bit version. Eagerly awaiting for the fix with 32 bit version as well.

  458. With iTunes, step 7 not working: when trying to update the driver it says: “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Access Denied”.
    It is the same error found when logging the AppleMobileDeviceService.msi installation:
    DIFXAPP: INFO: opening HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1511572912-2898094393-198222405-68421\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DIFxApp\Components\{9AA3828A-F852-11DB-8E29-6C6B55D89593} (User’s SID: ‘S-1-5-21-1511572912-2898094393-198222405-68421’) …
    DIFXAPP: INFO: ENTER: DriverPackageInstallW
    DIFXAPP: INFO: RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW (0x5)
    DIFXAPP: ERROR: encountered while installing driver package ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers\usbaapl.inf’
    DIFXAPP: ERROR: InstallDriverPackages failed with error 0x5
    DIFXAPP: RETURN: InstallDriverPackages() 5 (0x5)
    Something is probably locking the destination location of the new driver files.

  459. Like hundreds of others, I can’t thank you enough for this guidance – I truly thought that my iPhone 4 had become a brick, and had no idea how to get iTunes working again. In case it helps others, these are some details of my experience…

    iPhone 4, had already updated to iOS 7.0.6. That seemed to work fine for the past few weeks.

    iTunes for my Dell XPS Windows 7 Pro, had been running the immediately prior version, then updated to, then it wouldn’t recognize the iPhone etc.

    First I did a complete uninstall / re-install from the iTunes file that I had saved on my computer following Apple’s detailed instructions for uninstalling, but made my own error. Forgot to go in and delete all the directories in two places that Apple recommended before rebooting and re-installing. Once I then re-installed iTunes, the game was over, Apple Mobile Device did not install and I couldn’t sync the iPhone. Further, iTunes froze completely whenever the iPhone was attached by USB, so game really over. So, when you uninstall iTunes, follow the Apple procedure to the letter and clean up by deleting the specified folders, then reboot and do a new install.
    Spent an hour on the phone with Apple tech, very nice, but had absolutely no clue how to fix the problem or any of the information that you all will read in this post.

    After that, I went back in and did a correct and complete uninstall, deleted all those directories, and then reinstalled. Now iTunes worked, but still failed to recognize and sync with the iPhone, and started freezing up when I connected the phone.

    Next morning found this post, and it worked. One note that I observed in my case was that even when I couldn’t connect my phone or get it to sync, the Apple Mobile Device service still showed up under “services” – I couldn’t seem to delete it, and if I tried to start that service, it said that it couldn’t find a particular file – now that I’ve read this post, I understand that it couldn’t run because it couldn’t find the AMDS files because… AMDS had never been installed!

    1. So I followed the instructions in this post to the letter and all went fine. I was unsure about step 4 because there was no directory c:\program files\common files\apple at that point, and I wondered whether he really meant to use the c:\program files (x86)\common files\apple directory. But I did put the drivers in the directory exactly as specified in step 4 and it all worked, so do that.
    2. I added the registry entries as he said to. Scared the pants off me and I made several Windows restore points along the way, but unnecessary, it all worked.
    3. When I got to step 7, I was going to install the drivers that I got here, but when I connected the iPhone, iTunes opened as usual (it had always been set to automatically sync when connected), and then proceeded to start syncing. Elation. The first new sync took a lot longer than usual to wrap up, but I just left and came back later and it had completed successfully, so be patient. So I never did do step 7 of updating the driver for the iPhone, it’s all working and I ain’t going to mess with it! But I’ll save those files in case they’re needed later.
    4. I downloaded all the 64 bit files from this blog on Feb 24, and they have all worked fine for me.
    5. I have now synced the phone several times today and all seems good.
    6. This whole process did seem to mess up or reset a few settings for my podcast subscriptions, but nothing major, just went through them and checked all the settings again, no biggie.

    I cannot believe what a mess Apple has made with this, it has all been more like a Microsoft / AutoCad / etc. type of experience, certainly nothing I’ve experienced with iTunes and my iPhone in the past 3 years. But it could have been much, much worse if it wasn’t for the good soul that posted these instructions. Thank you, thank you.

  460. One further note that people may be wondering about, I know I was, wondering if all my iTunes info would siappear whe I uninstalled the program. Completely uninstalling iTunes and even removing the directories they tell you to remove does not remove other iTunes files from your computer, so when you re-install, your library and music and settings and everything are still all there and, in my case, seem to have remained unchanged and unaffected. iTunes just opened up and all my music and podcasts, etc. were still there, no imports necessary. Big relief.

  461. Thanks a tonne man, this worked first time for me. Have had this problem since September so this was a massive help!!

    William Lukes, I used the drivers in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple and it still worked… guess it doesn’t matter.

  462. Everything was fine except the update driver step. I followed all the steps, but I can’t update the drivers of my iPod, so it still doesn’t work and it still shows my iPod as a camera… pls help me 😦

  463. I don’t seem to be able to download those recently-updated files you mention? It says they are not available at that dropbox location…

  464. I followed everything but at the very end it doesn’t work for me. It says “The system cannot find the path specified” even though the folders and everything are exactly where they should be. I’m going to assume this is because I can’t download whatever files you were wanting to share in the first 64-bit link

  465. The link still doesn’t seem to work for the download you say this: “32-Bit iTunes 11.1.5: Please click here to download this directory for 32-bit Windows.”. Should I not be having a problem with that link?

  466. i use iphone 5c, itunes with windows 7, i am stuck with the picture of ‘firewire cable trying to connect to itunes’ on the screen of my phone,i tried updating my phone from ios 7 to ios 7.1, then it said ‘waiting for iphone’ and windows stopped detecting the phone when itunes was searching for the iphone, and its been that way since, when i disconnect and end the process of itunes, and reconnect the phone it again start getting detected, but when i try to restore the phone the same problem occurs, ‘waiting for iphone’ in itunes and windows stops detecting iphone.

    Please help

  467. okay so i did all the step but theres a but when installing it say problem encounter while update for apple blah blah blah and blew it say access deined what can i do then

  468. This isn’t working for me, when I unzip the files to the apple folder it just gives me a bunch of errors in the 7Zip window. Please help me I am getting so frustrated because NOTHING WORKS

  469. Hi, thank you for this post. I did everything as you said. Now my win7 sees the drive while choosing it from my computer but I still get the error: access denied…… I have win7, 64bit version and iTunes 11. Can you please help me resolve this issue?

  470. Hi, I’ve done everything and in the end when the driver installs, it says access denied. “Windows encountered a problem installing the driver update for your device.” This on the new Itunes that I installed today. Please can anyone help?

  471. I did all the step but but at the end I have Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device – windows found driver software ….. access denied oh help me please

  472. Finally after a long time, something that works. I used Uninstaller Pro a couple of time to get rid of the Mobile Support service, it took three uninstall processes however eventually it was all gone. Then following your steps I was finally about the get iTunes to recognize my iPad. Thanks also for the tip about not upgrading, I will have to remember that for later and I have bookmarked your site.

  473. I have been tryin and trying, but even this does not work. It says ‘Apple Mobile Device USB Driver – Access denied’… Anyone other suggestions??

  474. Ok, I tried it again and restart my computer after point 6 and now it worked!!!!! You are the best!!! Honestly!!! Thank you so much!!

  475. You are my GOD ! After so much troubleshoot & time spent to sort out a solution, you are there. THANKS A LOT !!!!!

  476. I spent pretty much all weekend in/uninstalling at the bequest of Apple and M’soft to the point where my will to live was at a dangerously low level. It was then that I came across your site with clear, concise instructions, written in a language that I can speak. All of a sudden my life expectancy multiplied back up to what I imagine to be somewhere approaching normal, and the fact that I’d paid my rent for the coming month didn’t now seem such a waste. However, to cut to the chase, when it came to the moment of truth, Windows delivered the crushing blow- Error 2 ……. Farewell, cruel world……….. Seriously now, any ideas as to where I go next?? I’m close, I can feel it, or it could be I’m about to have a stroke??

  477. Hi there, i have been struggling with this issue for a while now and this appears to be the miracle cure i need, but i am running WinXP professional, will this still work for me?
    cheers in advance for any feedback.

  478. Ok, after all this months trying, I finally did it. For these that, like me, were stuck in step 7 because couldn’t update the driver due to windows itself or windows driver signature verification errors, you just need to by pass this.But how?

    In Windows 8.1 (64 bits) I just put my mouse in the top right corner and chose settings -> then you need to go to change PC settings -> Update and Recovery -> Recovery -> and “Restart Now” under Advanced Startup. When restarting, chose Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Startup Settings -> Restart. Now, it should be the 7th option “Disable driver signature enforcement”. After this try to do step 7, and you will be able to update your iPod/iPhone drivers.

    I hope it helps as much as some things here helped me.

  479. GENIOUS!!!i spent a whole day to fix this problem and finally your solution is working!! THX!!!

  480. When i am installing windows 7 . I has been start but after first restart of laptop dispiay vibrate continiously and again restart then rollback automatically . . I try via dvd and pen drive also . But i am not successful . . . . . . . . . . . Please give me the solution

  481. I am having trouble removing the apple directory, particularly the Mobile Support. I can’t overwrite the files with your download as they are read only. Tried everything and now I am out of ideas!!

  482. Has anybody come across this issue?
    Windows 7 and iTunes worked before latest update.
    I phone still works fine.
    Ipod touch will not.
    No faults ,yellow marks ,all drivers updated and working fine
    but If Ipod is detected by computer AMDS is automaticallly removed from
    USB and vice versa If AMDS USB is showing in Device manager
    Ipod is gone from Computer .
    And back and forth all over.
    ITunes will not sync because there is NO apple Ipod detected in computer
    When Ipod is showing in portable devices
    ITunes has NO I pod showing in a bar
    ANY CLUES???????
    It”s driving me crazy

  483. hi there I’m still having some issues I have followed the instructions to the letter 4 times now and still no luck, I get all the way through to device manager and installing driver update and when I ‘browse’ to the stated location the only file showing up there is instructions and no driver. is this driver available anywhere else? (I’m trying to connect iphone 5 to win7 64bit)

  484. also I realize that even though the amds folder is there the program does not show up in the uninstall program list

  485. Any updates for version 11.4? Just got my new iphone 6 and of course they are requiring I update in order to restore from backup and setup the new phone. This is the only fix I’ve been able to find to date… Thanks!

  486. I can put the 11.4 files on there if you have trouble. I have 11.4 just haven’t uploaded the latest files yet.

  487. Aurelius, that would be FANTASTIC… having this problem again of course and spent the past 2 hours on support with apple and they still can’t figure it out…

  488. Thank you so much Aurelius. Spent hours on the phone today with Apple support, got escalated to supervisor, and basically determined that for whatever reason the iTunes installer installs the Mobile Device Support program in the regular (32 bit) folder instead of the x86 folder, and the Services function can’t find the correct file. They are escalating this to the engineering yada yada dept to hopefully find a permanent fix in the next few days. In the meantime, your 11.4 update will let me use my new iphone! Thank you so much for your quick replies, it’s so appreciated!

  489. You’re quite welcome! I wouldn’t hold your breath about “escalated” support doing anything. I originally posted this solution in December 2009 on iTunes version 8. I still average about 150-200 visitors a day to this post, presumably people with the same problem. All that to say, it’s been a problem for a LONG time with no solution, I keep hoping they’ll fix it permanently…but it still doesn’t seem to happen.

  490. I tried this but now I get “Itunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall Itunes. Erro 7 ( Windows Error 127)”]

  491. I was able to get Itunes installed when I followed this advice here Looks like admin did not have access rights to the C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp directory. I added SYSTEM and Administrator to full access and then it installed properly

    Had the same problem, installer couldn’t read from %temp%\folder\installer.msi (%temp%=C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp). Added full rights for user SYSTEM on %temp% folder and installer ran just fine. – Tedd Hansen Jul 3 at 8:40

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  498. Thank you. Your solution worked 🙂 I am using iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.1.6. Followed your steps and voila, the phone can sync up with iTunes on my PC

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  501. I did this, but got an error code 37 saying “windows found driver software for your device but encountered a problem while attempting to install it.” UGH.

  502. I did exactly as instucted in the post; however instead of fixing the problem, now every time i boot my pc(Win7, 64 bit) it starts checking file system and unless i force it to stop and boot strigtawy, it goes on doing the same. I think this is due to registry entry chsnges by your file. Can u pl suggest solution or at least how can i revert back to my previous registry status.

  503. Hi,
    Something unrelated most likely caused that. “Checking file system” upon startup is not usually related to Registry, it’s more related to the integrity of your Hard Drive. You might want to ask an IT person to look at your computer and see if there are any problems with your hard drive.

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  507. Hi
    I have been struggling with this issue like others with windows 7 (64). This is very helpful. I’m still stuck at the last hurdle though, and Itunes still doesn’t recognise my iphone 5.

    In device manager an “apple mobile device usb driver” is showing up under universal serial Bus controllers. BUT I also have “Apple iphone” showing up under portable devices. When I try to select the driver from disc – usbaapl64.inf (using the 64 bit driver I’ve unzipped and saved from your file) I get an error message saying “the folder you specified doesn’t contain a compatible software driver for your device….”

    Any suggestions?

  508. Hello together,

    first many thanks to Aurelius for providing a solution – I have been using the modified files for a while with success.
    I have a lenovo T500 with a Windows 7 sticker and Windows 7 running on it and could not understand why iTunes
    is blocking the access to my iPhone.

    I have now found another solution for me (without tricking with files) which I want to share to all of you.

    The laptop is equipped with USB2.0 and I am mostly using all of the available ports – even those on the Dockin Station.

    But one day transferring huge amount of data I was bored of the slow USB2.0 speed and bought a USB3.0 adapter
    from delock (xpress card) and attached it to the laptop.

    Since I had at this time updated iTunes to a version, where Aurelius did not yet provided files to, I just wanted to check
    what iTunes would say if I do connect my iPhone 5 to this new delock USB3.0 adapter.

    Surprisingly, everything works fine, iTunes recognizes my phone and I can synchronize the files after months.

    So if you like, just try to extend your laptop/PC with another USB adapter than the one it is equipped to and finally
    get rid of the nasty iTunes problem.

    I cannot reccommend you any HW version of the USB adapter, I think that you can also try to find another USB drivers
    for your current USB hardware, the drivers included in Windows 7 seems to be buggy and Apple to be right about it.

    I don’t think this is only related to the HW. If Microsoft would have drivers for the Renesas Chip used by the delock
    USB Interface, probably it would not work with iTunes.


  509. I have been tryin and trying, but even this does not work. It says “iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes. Error 7 (Windows error 193)”.

    Can someone please help with this?


  510. Does this work w intunes 12.1? I tried but it told me I needed a new version of AMD and to re-install AMD and itunes again..

  511. So tell me what do i say when it gets to the part that says status and stops, then says apple mobile device services not started, do i say abort or say ignore and let it go ahead and install itunes then finish your steps. Is this correct? Thanks

  512. In step 4 I had no apple folder in there, in step 7 there is no iphone to select and i have followed your step per step. So what am I missing

  513. I keep getting stuck at step 7. I did exactly what you did. I keep getting this message that says “Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked fore deletion.”
    I have no idea what to do.

  514. Yes, sorry for the delay. Other things in life have taken priority over posting the new files, I’ll try and get to it soon 🙂

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  516. Hi

    The solution found by Aurelius has worked for me many times if only the files on this post have been up to date. This time I tried getting the files from another computer by my own, which eventually worked well. Below is what I did and what I learned. All steps listed below are not probably required for getting iTunes to work perfectly again.

    I found out that the registry entries and files used before do not work anymore with Apple iTunes x64. You have to copy some extra registry entries and files as well.

    On another computer (Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1), I installed Apple iTunes x64 (itunes6464setup.exe) to the directory “C:\Program Files\iTunes\”. I never started iTunes on the another computer. On the another computer, I acquired the following registry entries and files.

    (“ProductName”=”Apple Mobile Device Support”)

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apple Inc.\Apple Mobile Device Support]

    (“DependentInstallerName”=”Apple Mobile Device Support”)

    (“DependentInstallerName”=”Apple Mobile Device Support”)

    (“6013214C586B6E849BDB4E9F1148E14B”=”C:\\ProgramData\\Apple\\Installer Cache\\Apple Mobile Device Support\\”)

    (the hex value is the same than in the key of the previous “S-1-5-18\Components” registry path)

    (“InstallLocation”=”C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Apple\\Mobile Device Support\\”)

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Apple Inc.\Apple Mobile Device Support]

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Apple Mobile Device]

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Apple Mobile Device Service]

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\*.*

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\*.*

    C:\ProgramData\Apple\Installer Cache\Apple Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceSupport6464.msi

    (Apple Mobile Device Support Installer; the right path can be determined from registry entries)

    (the right path can be determined from registry entries)

    On my computer (Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1), I removed iTunes and related components as instructed in Before reinstalling iTunes and related components, I removed everything that was found from registry with the search “Apple Mobile Device”. This required me to edit the permissions of some registry keys, because I could not remove them otherwise. Next, I rebooted my computer. Then I installed itunes6464setup.exe during which Apple Mobile Device Support failed to install, which was expected. Finally I put the registry entries and files acquired from the another computer to my computer. Then I went through the steps 7 and 8. After this, “Programs and features” showed that Apple Mobile Device Support was installed.

    I have now been using iTunes with iPhone 4 and iPhone 6 Plus about a month without any problems. I’m not going to update iTunes anymore, unless I must for some reason, because every update seems to cause some extra hassle that I wish not to use my time for.

    Kind regards

  517. I have added files for iTunes 12.1.1 / 64-bit. I don’t have easy access to a 32-bit machine anymore, so I’ll update those when I can find one.

  518. Do you have updates for 12.1.2 / 64 bit? I’ve used your solution many times but the latest iTunes version solution doesn’t work.
    Thanks for your help!

  519. I’ve tried multiple times to follow this to the letter, but it still doesn’t work on my Windows 7 64-bit system. Everything seems to go smoothly until Step 7. When I update the driver, it says it’s already up to date, but the iphone still shows under portable devices and iTunes says the required software is not installed. Perhaps it’s because I installed the latest iTunes 64-bit which is

  520. everything seems to work fine except that I am not able to backup my files. It gives me an error but no code or information. I believe it is because I updated from OS7 to OS 8 and it doesn’t see the user for permission. Is there a way to look up the users listed and insert permission from the command prompt? I would need the specific instructions

  521. When I go to the step 7 with the drivers it doesnt move my device over to the serial bus tab and instead stays a t portable devices because it insists that I already have installed the best version. Does that mean I have a different problem?

  522. Did everything as you said, everything worked just fine until I launched Itunes, who still doesn’t recongnize my phone 😥

  523. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’ve been stuck on this problem for ages and i had almost given up until i found this post :))))

  524. I have Windows 7 64-bit system. Was pulling my hair out using every other version of a fix out there to download iTunes (64 bit) when I kept getting the error message during install “Service ‘Apple Mobile Device Service’ failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.”

    I deleted and re-installed many many times (lost count). Also tried multiple other “fixes” on the internet that did not work. Until I decided to try your fix as one final attempt before I just gave up.

    I followed your instructions to the letter. Then rebooted my computer, as instructed. It opened with the error “iTunesHelper was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes. Error 7.”

    Rather than delete everything and start over (again), I went to my Downloads folder where I had previously saved the iTunes download and also unzipped it (using 7-Zip) and saved the individual zip files. I right-clicked on the AppleMobileDeviceSupport6464 file and clicked Install (since I was previously getting errors on the install of this component and the install was never completed). I quickly went through the install with no error messages like previously. When done, I then clicked on the iTunes icon on my desktop. Opened like a charm.

    You are a magician! Thank you thank you thank you!

  525. iTunes 12.2.2 is out now, and Windows 10 too, and the problem still exists, without any solution. I’ve tried everything… Now I give up. 😦

  526. Not working for me, i have “Apple Mobile Device Service” in my services.msc, but it doesn’t starts, it’s in automatic but when i clic start it says “file wasn’t found”.
    And when i want to update “Browse my computer for driver software” with the right location, it doesn’t work too, it says “invalid data”.
    I’m on Windows 10, help me please i’m giving up….

  527. Soon after upgrading from Win7HomeUltimate to Win10Pro, Itunes stopped working.
    After many uninstalls, deletions and reinstalls everywhere mentioned elsewhere online, Itunes 12.2.2 either installs correctly after several failed attempts but then DOES NOT recognize my Ipod touch; OR Itunes does not install.

    All of the forgoing is OUTDATED and a terrible waste of time.

  528. I’ve tried these various fixes but it doesn’t seem to work, I still get the error that IPhone can’t be used because the software isn’t installed. I’m trying to get this to work with the latest ITunes Do I need different registry entries or different files?

  529. Thank you so much. Was not sure what to do but followed all your steps and now my phone connects to itunes

  530. Thank you very much! Your solution works fine with iTunes 12.3.2 (64-bit) for Windows and Windows 10! I’m really happy right now! 🙂

  531. Dude….whoever you are, you are a legend!! This is it! This is the way to do it! It’s June of 2016 and your article still works PERFECTLY. I love that it isn’t overly technical, with command prompts and server hacking or vague descriptions like “open up the file, then right click it”. You literally outline everything, with a simple and easy to understand step by step guideline. After I did all your steps, I watched Apple Mobile Device Support actually load up for the first time in months and I think I shed one lone solitary tear. You are easily my new favorite person on the planet. FOLLOW WHAT HE SAYS!!!

  532. Haha, thanks @James. It’s amazing to me that 7 1/2 years later this solution still helps people. I’m happy to help!

  533. Did not work for me with the latest release that supports iOS 10. The installer will not finish, so when I copy in the files, it results in Error 7 and Windows error 193.

  534. Glad to of found this posting, Thank you!!!! Not even the tech at apple could suggest this.This does work , you have to follow the directions.And install under adminastrater

  535. Hi please help1 I got to the point where I was installing the driver but it says my registry is corrupt! How do I remove the entries to restore my registry? Where did the new entries go?

  536. Hi will this fix work for windows 10 or am I flogging a dead horse? Please get back to me I have been trying to sort this out for 3 days now and I’m going insane.

  537. If I use the files from my working windows 10 laptop can you please tell me how to change the registry to make it all work? xx

  538. It works for Windows 10. Although I haven’t updated the files in quite a while. I can post new files and you can try and see if they work.

  539. I will love you eternally if you can help me fix this! X ps I have worked out to open the reg files in notepad to work out where they end up in the registry yey. I can compare with my working laptop!

  540. Hey Carrie: I just updated the files on the page for the latest version of iTunes. If you download those files and install it to the recommended directories, you shouldn’t have to pull anything from your own computer.

  541. Hey! I see many people found your solution helpful but something seems to be wrong with my system. I am stuck at step 7. When I tried installing the drivers, I received the following message: “Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked fore deletion.” If you happen to know what might the problem be, I would be really thankful! Thanks in advance!

  542. It says:

    Once you download that file, you need to Unzip it to this directory. IMPORTANT: Make sure you unzip the CONTENTS of the zip file, don’t just copy over the zip file:
    32-Bit: Unzip to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple
    64-Bit: Unzip to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple

    Shouldn’t it be the other way round, or am I bonkers?

  543. I am on 64-bit and used Program Files – not ProgramFiles(x86) in step 3. All was going well until step 7 which came up with

    Windows encountered a problem installing the driver for your software.

    Windows found the driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

    Windows cannot verify the digital signature bla bla bla ….an unknown source (Code 52)

    If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software.

    (But we know it’s Apple, don’t we)?

  544. I then saw Aurelius’s post of Nov 13 at 3:16 am, and tried it.

    It told me my device is up to date…

  545. Carrie, you might have a different / unrelated problem. Perhaps something wrong with your registry. Sorry this post wasn’t able to solve your issue!

  546. Maybe 😦 looks like a reinstall might be in order a Amy last windows update isn’t happening either so something might be going’s virtually brand new so I don’t know why it’s being so naughty! My husbands old vista laptop I’ve managed to upgrade to windows 7 and then 10 via a very complicated an gruelling path so now the perfect little machine with no problems at all! Loves iPhones, iTunes and updates lol! But the £1000 monstrosity downstairs is having none of it! 😥

  547. Like so many others here, I’d pretty much given up until I came across your site. THANK YOU for solving the problem and for creating such a thorough description of the process. Works great!
    (Now if you could just uncover WHY…)

  548. Hi I followed everything and the apple mobile device support. When I update the driver the error “System could not allocate the required space in registry log” keeps popping up. PLEASE HELP ME. I can’t restore my iphone because of this.

  549. Hi, the files are no longer available on Dropbox! Can you re-upload the files so that I can use this fix? Thanks.

  550. Thank you so much. I don’t know why things went wrong suddenly (it was fine the other day, and I had not updated anything since then), but this solution has fixed it! I can only conclude that the registry keys disappeared somehow. But everything is fixed now!

  551. Wow thank you mate I was looking for a fix till 3am till i fell asleep. Also to anyone that after doing all steps get the yellow triangle with “!” just reinstall Apple Mobile Device Support and it will work!

  552. Thanks for all the effort but this did not work for me. Followed all the steps exactly and still get “This iPhone cannot be used because required software is not installed…” I tried the above comment from KWTD about reinstall Apple Mobile Device Support, that didn’t work either, it fails to install, “The installer encountered errors before AMDS could be configured…”

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