Epson Aculaser CX11 CX11NF jamming – mp paper jam – no paper is jammed

UPDATE: I am going to recommend you no longer apply the solution below. This printer is quite finicky, and although the solution works, I cannot guarantee it won’t create other problems. It worked for me for some time, but eventually didn’t work anymore. This is a horrible printer, I would recommend you just consider replacing it if you have this problem. 

I wanted to update with a solution to a common and very frustrating problem that I’ve dealt with on my Epson Aculaser CX11NF printer.

I’ve had a number of times where it says there is a paper jam — usually with an “MP Paper Jam” message, (or sometimes E Paper Jam), but there is no paper jammed anywhere. Usually in this scenario, opening and closing the doors and turning the printer on/off doesn’t do anything to help. This has happened to me at least 10 times so it’s extremely common and very annoying.

I’ve found, by accident really, a random workaround solution that seems to work every time. It has for me, at least. I’m not entirely certain why it works (or even, perhaps, if it’s bad for the printer…so no liability here), but it does.

Let me see if I can explain it:

1. Open the main paper tray area. If you had the add-on larger paper feeder, I’m talking about the main MP paper tray with the rollers in the back.
2. Inside the paper area, near the back where you feed in the paper, you will notice a shiny silver horizontal bar across the length of the tray width-wise. On either  end of this silver bar is a white plastic piece, it’s sort of an oval shape hanging off one side of the silver bar, usually down toward the bottom of the tray.
3. What you need to do is turn this silver bar. The best thing to do is twist it toward you, about a half turn, until it clicks. You can either grasp the silver bar, or I’ve reached my finger behind the white plastic piece and pulled it toward me from behind. The key is to get this piece to twist far enough without forcing it or applying an undue amount of pressure (don’t want to break anything, of course).
4. Now, open and close the rear panel (where you would normally look for a paper jam) so the printer clears itself, and it should start working again. If you look inside the paper tray area, you should  should notice that metal bar “reset” itself to the proper position while the printer is warming back up

Hopefully this works for you. If you try it and it doesn’t work, try turning the printer off and on and trying again, and also make sure you twist the bar far enough (without forcing it, of course. You shouldn’t have to put undue pressure).


15 thoughts on “Epson Aculaser CX11 CX11NF jamming – mp paper jam – no paper is jammed

  1. Thank you so much for this tip, it worked!! I thought an expensive engineer was going to be needed.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Hazel! I’m glad it worked for you.

    The only unfortunate thing is, once this problem crops up it seems to repeat itself occasionally (I find it happens about once every other month), so you will have to repeat this fix down the road.

    Just so you know, I tried the “expensive engineer” route as well–I paid a certified Epson repair person $100 to “fix” this problem and it still happens. So, note that not only does this workaround work, but it seems to be the only solution out there for this problem!

  3. First of all I really thanks to Aurelius for this help, Before when I read this article I tried two or three times but it doesn’t work so I given the printer to epson service center, again this problem occurred, then I really unsatisfied with this and I thought to through out the printer, but before through I thought to service it my self (If not done – I thought to put in scrap) but when I tried your tip it works very nice Thank you very much dear

    Dear Sachin

    You can see a silver / steel color mettle bar the end side of paper tray, on this bar there will be two oval shape white plastic pieces ( right and left end sides ) there are some plastic oval shaped on middle sides, no need photos to understand just open your paper tray and look inside

  4. How does anyone fit their arm and hand in there and grab the bar to be able to rotate it…its nearly impossible because the opening is so small?? Please help!

  5. I have pretty big arms/hands but I was able to…I’m not sure what to tell you, just try and keep your hand flat.

  6. Should be fairly easy…don’t force it…I don’t take any responsibility if you break the printer 🙂

  7. For me it doesn´t work. the “Jam E” still remains when twisting this rod. And position not going back when turning on the printer. But if it works for you it is much more easier if you turn this rod from the backside of the Printer. So you can simply push the white discs on the left and on the right side together with your fingers. And for me it looks like it was NOT a half twist. Even less then 3/4 Twist. After that there is a big resistant.

  8. unfornately i will give a update how i have fixed this error.
    you can translate german site
    there is a picture too.

    there is a small lever if you open backcover. just in the middle near to the top. you may not see it good, because it it between lamellas.
    in my case, the lever was not working and sitting very tight. It just jumped out of his fixing.
    it occur after a paper jam in the back, so i thought next time i will fix paper jam carefully. There can be paper hanging at the lever and if you pull it out to hard you pull the lever out too.

    so fixing now: just take away backcover (to the left and to the right at the bottom there are nozzles.
    then screw out this 4 screws holding the unit and take the unit away.
    there are some cables to the unit but you don´t have to plug them out.
    just look at the lever. here it jumped out of his fixing to the right side at the photoelectric barrier. just plug it in again.
    printer ok.

  9. Thanks for getting me looking in the right direction!
    I tried the cures above, but the SIMPLE way to fix the problem is to open the back cover, look for the white egg like discs on the side and push it CAREFULLY forward, then shut the back cover and you should be able to print again. Thats all I did when it happened to me yesterday.

  10. By the way, Epson support told me that they printer would need to be repaired because I must have broken something inside. They had no idea how to fix the problem.

  11. It worked perfectly! My arm was a bit snug inside but I just tried to relax and I was able to move the small, oval-like white plastic thing. Thanks so much for posting your solution. I have never responded to a post before, but your solution was so perfect that I want others to know that it works. I’ve printed over 10,000 pages on my printer and have never had this problem before tonight. I was trying to feed specialty paper by taping it to a piece of cardstock and it jammed. I hope I don’t have this problem again since I feel it was caused by my “tinkering” with the paper feed. Thanks again – a real life saver (and $ saver for me, too).

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