SBS 2003 http://server/connectcomputer page cannot be found

This is probably a rather obscure problem, but I wantd to post it in case anyone else runs into this issue.

I am adding a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise system to my SBS 2003 domain. This server was previously on another network, hence a different domain.

I went through the process of adding the server. On SBS, did “Add Server Computer”, and then I went to the new server, http://<myserver>/ConnectComputer. Unfortunately, it said “Page Cannot Be Found.” 

I went to a command prompt and pinged <myserver>. Lo and behold, it was pinging itself…it appended <myserver>.<olddomain>.local.

So, what I did was, go to IE and type in http://<myserver&gt;.<mydomain>.local/ConnectComputer and everything worked great.

Hope this helps somebody out there. Like I said, somewhat obscure, but it could happen to someone else.


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