Windows Live Mesh

I’ve been looking for an easy way to backup my pictures that are on my home laptop for free. I have an external HD connected to my work laptop but that doesn’t really help me at home. So, I wanted a free online storage solution. 

Well, I ran across Windows Live Mesh and realized it will do that for me, plus a lot of other things. Essentially it is Microsoft’s “cloud computing” solution, still in Beta. It combines file storage & sync with a nice remote desktop app.

Some cool features I’ve run across so far:

  • Up to 5GB free storage
  • Will syncronize files & folders between multiple computers. If you don’t need them on multiple computers, they will sync them with the “cloud” so you essentially have a backup
  • Has a nice desktop app that integrates into Windows and makes it easy to sync folders and see what’s going on
  • As an added bonus, it has a built-in remote desktop client that allows you to log-in to any system in your “mesh.” I’ve used LogMeIn in the past for a free RD client, but this seems to work even more smoothly.
  • The web interface is clean & easy to use

I’m just beginning to get into it, but so far I really dig it. Check it out at


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