iTunes – Change location of iTunes Library.xml

I saw many posts online about changing the location of your iTunes Library (Edit–>Preferences–>Advanced–>iTunes Music Folder Location). This is really quite simple. However, what’s annoying is, even if you change the location of your music, iTunes keeps the .xml and .itl library files in the original location (Windows “My Music” folder). I wanted the library stored in the same spot as my music–mainly for backup purposes. Seems logical, right? Well, in a Google search, it took me a while to find the answer.

The answer turned out to be incredibly simple. Simply hold down “Shift” when you launch iTunes and it will ask you to locate the libary file. I solved my problem in 2 steps. First, close iTunes, then:

1. Move the iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml files wherever you want them
2. Do the Shift-Start trick, and tell iTunes where the files are now located.


8 thoughts on “iTunes – Change location of iTunes Library.xml

  1. Am I correct that once you have told it the new location once, you do not need to tell it again?

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